Friday, March 6, 2009


image  The Democrat Way: I guess my age is creeping up on me or else I see several things in the different light than other people than some do today. I'm 63 years old. I’m also a independent voter and the changes made to this country through my life time are so unbelievable. Responsibility in America has just gone done the tube with the election of our new president. His new area of responsibility is so flawed. The people in this country already had a head start on no responsibility. All the entitlement and welfare programs given out over the past in this country is not only appalling but shameful. Years ago we had smaller government and we were much more prosperous as a nation. Some of you might not agree with the following but if you stop for a minute and really think about what I'm saying, especially if you are near my age you will see that I'm not that far out to the right with this article.
There are a lot of big issues that concern me but in this article I want to talk about several small issues and if you want to call me cry baby that is okay, because I do cry and pray for this nation of ours and also have a deep sadness in my heart seeing the direction we are being taking in. This country, under the leadership of our new president, will soon see massive welfare programs  and large tax hikes like we never have seen in the history of this country.
Our welfare programs are already to the point that they are draining this country and I would say that about half or more of this is not needed if the people would only work. If you don’t work you do not eat! The freebies are over. That is the way it should be. Sure there are people in this country that do need help and they should get it. But what about the others? The people who use the system. Can you imagine the amount of money that this country could say by just quitting the welfare system as we know it. This, in my opinion is one of the things that is draining our economy.
Let me give you some examples: How many times have you been in a food store and the person ahead of you in the check out line pays for their two or three hundred dollars of food with food stamps and then pulls out a large amount of money {real green backs} and pays for the non food items? Then drive off in a automobile that you wish someday that you could own. If you have not you need to spend some time watching when you go to the food store.  Now when you times this by hundreds of thousands of people you have a big lose of revenue. This has been going on for years and now with the Obama plan we are in for even worse. When he starts spreading the money of hard working people around there will be more people to take advantage of receiving it than the people who are making it. Do we as Americans call this being responsible?
Not when I was growing up you did not. It was the church who provided for the people that needed help until the people got back on their feet. Why would anybody want to get back on their feet with all the government give aways. It is much easier to be lazy than to work. Our present welfare system created by the democrats proves that. Why do you think the Mexicans are getting so many of the jobs in our country today? It is because they are not lazy. It is because they will WORK. Why should anybody do it when our government gives them more money for staying home and doing nothing?  Stop the welfare and people would have to go to work and then the illegal problem would start to go away.
I’m not saying for the government to stop helping the people that truly need help, just the tens of thousands who are using a system that was created and  really meant for the good. The bottom line for me is the federal government should stop the free hand outs to people that can work and help their self. I do not knowhow many times  I have been on the street and heard this: “Man I can make more money on welfare than working there!”  The big problem with all this is the government is enabling them to do just that. I call them the people who would not work in a pie shop tasting pies. To have a “GREAT SOCIETY” people must work. Is that a bad word?
We also have a double sided coin which on one side of the coin is called abortion. This country allows abortions on demand by destroying the fetus in the womb, and the government is funding these abortions. We have the same government handing out condoms and birth control pills for our very youngest children. If we had a government that would not hand out theses things  and teach abstinence maybe the government funding of abortions would stop because unwanted pregnancies would stop.  There again i think some of you will call me crazy for saying this. But it is true. Stop and think about it. We need a society that will teach and promote the right thing.
On the other side of the coin we have a government that pays women to have babies after babies with now father in the house to help support the product of his one night stand. These precious kids will be kept by the government until they are adults and then for some of them it will be forever because they are now taking advantage of the system just like their parent or parents. Their housing, their food, their medical bills, and their very way of living will be supplied by the government. I ask you is this called having responsibility? I don't think so! But once again with our new president and his democrat congress that new area of responsibility, that he proposes, will even be worse! Just think of the millions of tax dollars we could save just on this issue alone. The tax payer is paying for this now and we are struggling.Who will pay for all this new area of responsibility that Obama is calling for? Now Obama was not the president when this started but he could stop it, but he is already making it worse. It is Obama’s new area of responsibility. If a person is pregnant with a baby, the responsible thing to do is for the man and women to raise that child. That baby is no throw away.Then we have the stimulus package that according to our president is the only way to go to get this country out of the mess it is in and get it stable. Really? If you would look at the whole package you will see there is just about as much pork as it is stimulus. There is so much pork for projects that will not stimulate anything.  these projects are not needed and will only make the economy worse. The pork projects is money spent just to satisfy the special interest of some people and to later get their votes. How can that be called a stimulus package for the whole country. Our Great grand kids will still be paying for this one for a long time. I was in the local coffee shop and the old timers were talking and they made a good point. The point was this: reduce the income tax fifty percent and the taxpayer will end the recession their self's. I believe they could be right. Sometimes I think these men have better judgment and more sense than the people that we send to Washington. Is this the kind of responsible men that we need to send to Washington. The people that we have there now is giving our country away and that sure is not showing responsibility. It is sad when you have more confidence in the local coffee shop crew than you do your congressman. When you look at all the facts I believe Ronald Regan was right when he said Government can not solve the problem because they are the problem. I have to say amen to that. Now that would be a new area of responsibility that would be okay with me and most Americans. The problem is we have to many Kool Aid Drinkers in this country that have been drinking to much of the liberal kool aid that do want a change, but not the kind of change most Americans want.
* A big reduction in our welfare system
* Repealing the abortion law
* Less big government.
* Less taxes for the working person. we are now going to get more taxes from the new administration for all his new ideas that will cause even more hardships.
* Less gun Control over the American citizen and recognize their right to own and bear arms. Stop punishing the Honest law abiding citizen for crimes committed by the lawless.
*More effective laws and prison sentences for people convicted of crimes against the public, especially for the ones that use a hand gun in commission of that crime. Make laws to punish the criminal not the innocent citizen. 
* No federal funding for birth control pills and condoms in our schools. no more teaching kids as young as kindergarten age about sex. Let the parents at home do that
* Allowing God and prayer back in the class rooms. This will do away with the police walking the halls, teachers not getting respect, assaults, drugs, and the other crimes committed in schools.
* Tell the corrupt United Nations to relocate in another country. They are a burden on this country and a do nothing origination of countries that closes their eyes to most things. This country needs to get out. We are the biggest money suppliers of all the other countries. Look at the money this country would save.
* Stop being allies and be an  American first. We also do not need a one world currency as Obama said was coming in the future. my green back dollar is just fine.
* Stop being Politically correct and say it like it is. Do not mind  telling  people and other countries the truth even though it might make them mad. Stand tall and be proud to be an American, not what our first lady said.
* Stop being a good person and start being a free person. A good person will follow their government and do what every they say even it it is wrong, because they are our leaders. A free man will do what it takes to be free and his country to be free. They will let their voices be heard.
*Stop the pork barrel projects. We need to do what is right and honest for all Americans not just a special few. It is what is best for the country as a whole.
* Seal our borders and stop the illegals and the drug trade from coming across.
All this could be done with effectiveness if we only had some leaders in congress with a vision for the future. It does not take a real educated man to see the major problems in this country. It just takes a person who has the sense of what is right and do it.
Bill Patchett
March 7, 2009

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