Thursday, March 26, 2009

THE BORDER PROBLEM (A wake up call)

                                 The past several years now we have experienced multiple problems on the border between Mexico and The United States. Millions of Americans have cried out for the federal government to fix the problems.  To seal the border. This seems to have fell on deaf ears. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have just about ignored the problem and now it has escalated out of control. Let us take time and review the facts on this major problem, not just the ones you are now hearing about by the liberal press.

For a decade or more we have had illegals coming across the border and as they came they brought with them drugs, disease, violence, and gangs. Nothing was never done, to any degree, to stop this flow of people. The outrage and cry, or the majority of American people  was always there. It just fell on deaf ears of our government. Now I will be the first to amitt that some of these people {a few} came to this country for a better way of life. This is really what we all want. The problem is they never came the right way. There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things.

The country has a system that allows a certain amount of people to come to this country at a time. There is a reason for that. The reason is this, only so many people can be taken in at a time so they can be spread out into the system so as not to cause a strain on our system.  Now these very people have put a larger strain on our welfare system, the ranks of the employed, and a strain on our very way of life.

If you read, like I do, and I mean credible news, you can soon see that in all fifties states of this union there are gangs of illegals providing drugs to anyone in this country that wants them. This did not happen over night. These gangs grow stronger everyday. Soon we will experience the same problem as the Mexican Government is now. We have a growing population of illegals in our prison system and courts and it is growing out of control. It seems that like our leaders are taking a position of don't ask and don't tell. As I said before it is all about votes and cheap labor. It is never about the American people.

Our state department is now saying that: "Their fight is our fight" We {The United States} are part of the {Mexican} problem. Now this leads to my next question: How is the American citizen part of Mexico's problem? We have had  years of people being killed and kidnaped on our borders by Mexican gangs and what help did we ever get from the Mexican Government? What help did we ever get to contain the flow of drugs and illegals over our borders? Now these very illegals, these gangs, are now the main ones that are bringing drugs across the border from Mexico and taking guns from the United States back to Mexico. So I ask you why is the state department saying we are part of the problem. The only thing that this country is doing wrong is not sealing the borders. That is the only area I can see the United States is part of the problem. When you operate to take out a cancer, you take it all out, or all that you can, or else it will grow again. You have to go to the root of the problem.

The problem in Mexico is that they should have dealt with this very problem years ago and they would not be crying now. But corruption breeds corruption. Can you imagine a drug cartel coming against this country in the way they are coming against Mexico? That very thing is growing more possible everyday. You may say that I'm going over board with this, but if you look at the over all picture of what has happening over the past ten years or so you will see that I'm right.  The very things that are happening in Mexico can happen here and not to far down the road. The Mexican drug cartel is the #1 supplier of drugs to this country now. If we stop the flow of everything both ways then this problem will dry up and go away. All the problem not just a part of it.  The larger the problem grows the harder it is to get rid of.

My guess is that this present administration will just put a bandage on the problems at our border {this administration is the same as the most in the past} and behind the scenes it will pass more laws to take our rights to keep and bear arms away form the American citizen. We as American Citizens must realize that not only is there a threat to our country from without by terrorist and other rogue countries that would like to see our down fall but there is also a threat from the inside that could possibly bring this great nation of ours down. My answer to this problem is the same as millions of Americans and the same as it always has been. Our position has never changed. SEAL THE BORDERS

The US border was, still is today, and always will remains a dangerous place for law enforcement
officers, with armed confrontations and shots frequently fired
from across the border, often with deadly consequences. Eighty-six Border Patrol
agents and pilots have been killed in the line of duty since  it was
created. Six of them in 1998.  US Border Patrol
Agent Alexander Kirpnick was shot and killed on 3 June 1998 while attempting to
arrest five Mexican marijuana traffickers two miles north of Nogales, Arizona.
Well-organized and armed drug-trafficking organizations in Mexico and other
cross-border criminals have increased violence along the border over the last
few years. These range from armed robberies sometimes taking place
many miles inside US territory to car thefts and other planned or random crimes
of various types. On the other hand, heavy fencing and other security measures
along high-crime areas of the border have reduced cross the border crime in some
places. For one example, in the  mid-1990s attacks on Southern Pacific railroad
trains near Sunland Park, New Mexico, resulting in hundreds of thousands of
dollars lost annually, have now been sharply curtailed. The robbing of theses trains went on for years until a fence was built.

The Drug Enforcement Administration's  Congressional Testimony in
March 1999 told in detail how large the drug problem was. The
testimony noted that two-thirds of the cocaine entering the United States comes
across the Mexican border, along with nearly 30 percent of the heroin and huge
quantities of methamphetamines and marijuana.  The DEA also points to the increased targeting of US
government personnel and police counterparts in Mexico. This testimony was given ten years ago and not listen to. Now that Mexico has a problem all of a sudden it has become our problem also. Why did we not act ten years ago.

The courts lock up two border agents for doing their job and yet we cannot stop the flow of illegals, guns, and drugs across the border. It continues to grow worse.  It is time that the voices of the American people are heard. You cannot help people who will not help themselves no matter what side of the border your on. I will leave you with these two last facts: Mexico's, police, and   government for the most part have always been corrupt. There has always been problems at the Mexican border, since there was a border, that no one seems to deal with. More people should read the history books of this country and stop listening to the liberal press.

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