Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Change is Coming

As Americans we all want change. Change for the better. Makes no difference if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, black, Asian, or white. The problem is that we all see the change in a different context. There are a lot of Americans who agree with our new President with the changes that he wants for this country. I for one and a vast amount of Americans do not like the changes that we see coming. But that is me and other people have their right as American citizens to agree with the President because it is the right of every American to do so. By the way he is my president also even though I did not vote for him. At my age I can get by until the Lord takes me home, but it is for the younger generation that I worry. To be very honest with you the republicans as well as the democrats are certainly not doing the Job that they were elected to do.

I was reminded by a reader's comment that during the last eight years even though congress made a lot of mistakes congress had a leader and his name was Bush. I'm sorry to disagree with you. You are right that is how it should have been, but in my opinion Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were the ones that controlled the majority of congress. You can only have one leader and that should be the president. I'm an independent voter and will always be that way. So that means even though I did not vote for Obama and I'm totally against his socialist ideas he still is the leader of this country and I can only hope that his leadership will take us in the right direction.

There were a lot of issues that I disagreed on with Bush, but he was still my president and that is the way it should be with all Americans. Why he let the illegal's come across from Mexico by the thousands and not do one thing about it I will never know. But the democrat congress wanted the same thing. Obama wants the same thing. The democrats wanted them for the votes and the republicans for their cheap labor. So now we have a bigger crime rate and higher welfare rolls because congress would not do the right thing. In later years our kids will be paying the bill for this. A lot of us are already paying the bill.

This president that we have now and the congress, I believe, are taking this country in a socialist direction. To me this is bad for our country. Soon the government will be taking over everything. Our president already wants to spread the wealth around. In other words take hard earned money from some people and give it to people who will not work. That will take away the incentive for anybody to work. We already give until we cannot give. We are taking care of millions from Mexico now with no end in sight.

We are already bailing out the big corporations and the banks to the tune of billions of dollars that this country really does not have. We are giving and now they are asking for more. When is this going to stop? What we need is, as Steve Forbes said, is to cut taxes 50 per cent and let the taxes payer end this mess that we are in. The rate this country is going the federal government will own everything and will control everything. It is called communism or to make it easier and less offensive we can call it socialism. Is this the road that you want to head down?

We have Mrs. Clinton just getting back from her official visit to Communist China. During her visit there she asked that communist country to buy more of our treasury bonds and increase the trade so this country can sell more of their goods. My answer to that is to buy American and you would not have to beg a communist country to buy our treasury bonds.

The finial comment that I want to make is this and it is in the form of a question. Isn't it time the American people elected and sent to Washington people who will use good judgment, no matter if they are independent, democrat, or republican. We all want change but, is this the kind of change we want? I love this country and I think that it is the best country in this world, but let us endeavor to keep it that way, free form too much government control, socialism, terrorist, and illegals all of which threaten our very way of life.

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