Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a main tool of the political left.  The purpose is to intimidate and to end any debate or discussion. It is not politically correct to say such things as, "the women's movement has harmed the American family."  That statement is sexist.  There can be no debate on whether the statement is true or false. It is not politically correct to say, "African-Americans commit crimes far beyond their relationship to the overall population."  That statement is racist.  There can be no debate on whether the statement is true or false. However the statement is true.

It is not politically correct to say, "The AIDS epidemic was a result of the personal behavior of homosexuals."  That statement is homophobic.  There can be no debate or discussion on whether the statement is true or false, but once again the statement is true. The groups mentioned above and are inside our society cannot be scrutinized openly or criticized, only the undemocratic, high handed,  white male and non-feminist, white female are subject to criticism and disapproval.

For over seven years the American people have had for their leader a man that does not and will not tell the truth. And along with him comes an over load of “Political Correctness” and a lot of lies. He has deceived many of the American people and people around the world with his promises. He claims to be a Christian, but if he is he needs to explain the words from his book; “if the winds start to blow I will side with the Muslims.” Does that sound like a Christian? He sat under a preacher that damned America and this was for many years. He will call all the brutal and cowardly deeds that have happen on his watch everything from work place violence to hate crimes, and blames a lot on Americans owning guns. But he has never called it what it really is; Islamic Terrorism. Hum wonder why. But if we speak out against his policies we are not politically correct and for sure we are labeled a racist. But once again the facts speak for their self.

The Political Correctness group has set in motion a plan, a quiet transformation to destroy and reform America from within over a period of time. Their main goal is to destroy the Christian religion and since America and most of her laws was founded on Christianity it can only be destroyed from within.
Spreading and applying psychology to break the Christian tradition, beliefs, morals, and will of the Christian people, could be accomplished quietly and without the possibility of resistance by applying political correctness to every debate.

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