Friday, July 8, 2016

MARTIAL LAW- Could This Happen

What a day of sadness for this nation When five police officers are executed (murdered in cold blood) in Dallas, Texas and seven others were shot and are in the hospital some are fighting for their lives. This all happen after a Black Lives Matter protest. This shooting was not planned over night and it was most likely planned to go along with the protest. This was a coordinated and well planned out attack by the people involved. These shooters were geared up with body armor, many clips of ammo. Some in that crowd of protesters knew what was going to happen.  A lot of innocent people who were protesting were used as pawns to bring this about. They did not know what was about to take place.

Some of the response from Obama was political, as was expected. It was the guns. He sure brought that out in his speech and we all know we will hear more on that from him. He had to plant that seed as he talked about the shooting. There is a reason for him bringing that out. He wants gun control and the confiscation of all Americans guns. I believe this will soon happen. We need to call it like it is and tell the truth. It is the truth that will set us free from all this violence, not all these lies about gun control. The truth is Obama has divided America and will continue to divide America, whites against the blacks to achieve his purpose.

The truth is we have at least five police officers shot dead and some, if not all, of them will leave behind love ones, wives, children, parents, and dear friends. The truth is Obama will not stand up for the police. He talks a good talk but he does not walk the walk.  It should be a time for national grief and unity but already Obama is talking gun control when in fact the truth is this massacre was a well planned out event to kill white people especially white police officers. Now that is a hate crime but all we hear from Obama is gun control. Will we hear from Obama that it was a hate crime. We will see.

What is going to most likely happen is exactly what Obama wants and I said several years ago this would happen. Near the end of his term as president these things would happen and as president he can put martial law into effect. This would stop all elections. This would leave him as president or dictator or what ever you want to call it. He has divided this country, whites against blacks and most people cannot even see it. 
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