Monday, June 27, 2016

AMERICA - Corruption or Stupidity

We are living in an age when people are deceived, doped, or just plain stupid in the things they do or say, or the things that are important. Even though I will vote for Trump and would like to see him win I just do not think it will happen. He does not stand a chance.  We are living in a corrupt society where not only some people vote twice, dead people vote, dogs vote illegals and who knows who else votes. And who do they vote for? Why for the democrats of course.  Then there are the super delegates that can override everyone else’s vote and what the honest people truly want, and who are these people who vote for these Democrats? The people who support these Democrats candidates are;

    The Muslim Countries of the Middle East who have give Hillary Clinton millions in campaign money. The very countries that make slaves out of women behead Christians; annihilate the State of Israel, and anybody else that will not convert to their faith. The very countries the terrorist come from that have killed and maimed our fellow Americans. This is where Hillary Clinton is getting money from for her election bid.

    Let me press one for English so everyone can understand this one. We have millions of illegals in this country that take away our wages, our jobs, and our security. If they do not work then they live and are supported on our dime. We pay for their food, housing, medical needs, and education including college. These are the people you see outside the Trump campaigns waving their Mexican flags and stomping on and burning ours. Now all this happens as our Veterans and people living off social security go without.  

    Then last but not least there is the, “WHAT YOU GOING TO GIVE ME CROWD” who always will vote for a democrat  because of all the free stuff they get including free cell phones, free housing, free food, free medical, free everything. They also know if they do not vote for the democrats their freebies will stop and they will have to go to work, and to them that word “work” is not in their vocabulary.  So we know that the democrat’s “great society” as they call it will vote for Hillary and the democrats. They have done that for three generations, in fairness most of them know no other way. Thanks to the democrats.

    Let us not forget the people that are so stupid that they know nothing about our founding fathers, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, or anything about the branches of government but still vote those democrats in office. They are so stupid they do not know what they are even voting for. It takes a special kind of stupid to vote for a person that is a criminal, a liar, and a person that will finish Obama’s job of destroying this country.

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