Sunday, July 10, 2016

Crooked Hillary

I’m no legal intellectual, I’m far from it and I do not have any degrees or diplomas in law except the ones I received when I was on the police force as the Chief of Police in St.Michaels Maryland. However the way it looks to me and a lot of my law enforcement friends it doesn’t seem to make much difference in today’s world of corruption. I will stand corrected if something has changed since I was a cop and feel free to correct  me if I’m wrong. But I have a problem here.
 The FBI investigators who investigate and gather information and evidence are just like any other state or local municipal law enforcement agency such as the local police, sheriff’s office, state police and so forth.  Their job is to collect and bring all evidence to a district attorney and that district attorney, or in this case the attorney general, will study the evidence and will make a decision to arrest and bring the case before a grand jury, to see if there is enough for the accused to stand trial.
Never in my life have I ever heard a district attorney or the attorney general step back and let the police or FBI make any of these decisions to prosecute. Why do the American people need an attorney general at this point if the rule of law is to be ignored and disregarded? The attorney general has played political favorites, she is as corrupt as corrupt can be and our country will surely suffer for her actions if Hillary wins the election. The whole event and the timing of it was well planned from the airport meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton, to the FBI directors announcement of no charges, to Hillary’s air force one ride with Obama.
Last week was a dark day in American law enforcement, and America’s pride. I would vote for Gomer Pile before I’d let crooked Hillary into the White House, but as we all know we just do not have much say. I actually thought Donald Trump was off base calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary.” The fact is he knows how to call a spade a spade. He is right she is crooked.

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