Friday, August 5, 2011

WASHINGTON: The Blame Game

Obama is fond of saying that he inherited this mess, that our country is in. Let's agree with him. BUT, he did not inherit it from George Bush, as he wants Americans to believe. He inherited it from Pelosi and Harry Reid and the liberals who controlled Congress from 2007 to 2009 when Obama was sworn in as president. When Pelosi and Reid took power, unemployment was 4.6%. It has only gone up since they took control. It is now over nine percent. They oversaw the failure of
Fannie and Freddie (They were insisting that they were solid until the day they failed) which undercut the housing market...which undercut the economy. 

For all the blame they want to throw at Bush (and some of it justified), the Bush tax cuts that the Democrats's rail against kept the economy growing through 9/11 and through Katrina. Both unemployment and inflation were low and the economy producing new jobs at a rate high enough to sustain the low unemployment numbers.
All that only changed when Pelosi and Reid took power in 2007. Obama inherited a mess alright...he inherited it from Pelosi and Reid and one thing is for sure he's only made things worse.

Are you familiar with the restraints the Fourth Amendment places on the government? The Fourth Amendment bans “unreasonable searches” and requires “probable cause” before the government can search citizens without
their permission. Given what the TSA is doing at airports nationwide, it would appear they are either in violation of the probable cause restriction in the constitution or woefully inadequate in their efforts to prevent future terrorist attacks on the airlines. let me explain: If possession of an airline ticket gives the government probable cause
to invasively search you…then their efforts to protect the flying public are woefully inadequate since they aren’t searching all passengers. However, if possession of an airline ticket does NOT constitute probable cause for a warrant less search, the current policies violate our basic constitutional guarantee against unreasonable searches.
Either way the current system is flawed. We need to develop a credible threat profile to identify high risk passengers. Somehow I doubt any credible terrorist profile would include grandmothers, 6 year olds or
Kansas farmers.

I guess you’ve heard the latest outrage from the Washington establishment…Tea Party Congressmen are radical extremists? The vice president called then terrorist.  I guess that must mean, for the DC establishment, anyone who promises not to raise taxes in their election campaign…wins election and actually goes to Washington and keeps their campaign pledge are radical extremists and terrorist. How quaint, just like "Mr. Smith Goes to
Washington". On Fox, O’Reilly the other night compared them to the violent 1960’s bomb throwers and warned that they may take the country down by refusing to raise the debt ceiling if any new taxes are included in the
legislation. I guess I missed the violent part of the current Tea Party Revolution. Well, these patriots are in good company. Leading up to the American Revolution King George the Third and the British noble class said the
same thing about our founding fathers…they’re radical extremists and they are risking the future of the throne.
Hang in there patriots…the last time we rattled the elite this badly, it worked out pretty well, don't you think?

Have you noticed our noble class in Washington doesn’t think much of their newly elected colleagues from the Tea Party? Our “noble” class is made up of the members of both parties for whom a principled stand is never allowed to get in the way of their re-election Few of these establishment politicians have much use for the new
Congressmen. Our noble class of Lords and Ladies is used to telling the new guys to sit down and don’t talk unless spoken to by your superiors. The problem is, this new class does not believe they have any superiors…only seniors…and out of touch seniors at that. It seems this new class won’t take orders…won’t be bullied and won’t play by the “good old boys” rules. It is reported that Lord Cornwallis upon losing at Yorktown said,
“How could it have come to this…they are simply rabble?" When Queen Pelosi handed her gavel to John Boehner, she must’ve been thinking, “How could it have come to this…they are simply Astro turf?”

Did you hear the president recently suggest that 80% of Americans want their taxes increased? Although his 80% number was challenged (this president would not intentionally mislead us…would he?). It is true that some recent
polling has shown a disproportionate percentage of Americans favor tax increases as part of a “balanced solution” to our debt/deficit problems. Of course, they were responding to the following question…”Would you favor increasing other people’s taxes to fix the nation’s debt and deficit problems?” Of course, the question was not quite that biased…but do not forget that nearly 50% of all Americans pay no income taxes. So, asking
people paying no income taxes if they support raising income tax rates is the same as asking them if they want other people’s taxes increased. Is it any wonder that liberal polls without any filters as to whether or not the person answering the question is actually a taxpayer shows a bias towards a tax increase? Any poll surveying only likely voters…meaning people paying taxes…shows an entirely different result.

Question: When does $250,000 equal $1,000,000? Answer: When Obama says it does. Again, in his latest effort to rally support for more taxes the Obama resurrected the class warfare argument by insisting that though his balanced approach to deficit and debt reduction would require at least $1.2T in new taxes, no new taxes would be imposed on anyone in America making less than $250,000…but then he went on to claim he was only after the evil, selfish millionaires and billionaires among us. So in his fantasy world, by his fuzzy math, anyone making $250,000 is a millionaire. What we have is a double the talk President! This makes him the poster child for what passes in public schools as self esteem math. You know…self esteem math …where we don’t want to make anyone feel badly about themselves, so if they say two plus two equals five and we don’t correct them for fear of damaging their fragile egos. AND, this is the man who is asking us to trust him to balance our government’s books? 

Did you hear the President recently admit that his first two years of liberal government was unpopular and dysfunctional? I could not believe I actually heard the President admit that. Last November’s election was a referendum on his government. He said, “Last November Americans voted for divided government; they did not vote for dysfunctional government. For once he was absolutely right. The first two years of his liberal government (while he controlled both Houses of Congress) proved to be so dysfunctional that Americans rose
up in unprecedented numbers to remove him from absolute power. He never once produced a federal budget. He bribed his way to Obamacare and produced deficits larger than all the previous presidents in history combined and that my friends is the definition of dysfunctional! With last November’s election results, we have established a small beachhead against unsustainable deficits and intolerable government regulations. Michael Barone wrote this week, that conservatives need to win two consecutive elections to establish a mandate for their
smaller government policies. That makes November 2012 critical. So make sure you vote!

To make his case for the great debt ceiling compromise…which means trillions of dollars in new taxes…the President said that we rarely remember the men throughout our history that stood on principle…only
the ones who compromised. So we must eliminate our founding fathers from our list for standing on the principle to give us our freedom. We must eliminate Abraham Lincoln from our list for standing on principle for ending slavery. And of course that requires we eliminate a long list of principled Americans…John Paul Jones, Nathan Hale…Andrew Jackson…Teddy Roosevelt…Rosa Parks…Martin Luther King from our list of heroes.
Instead, according to our President, they must be replaced with a new list containing the great compromisers in our history…but for the life of me, I can’t think of one. If the President is right, then George Bush would have been swept to re-election by popular acclaim after he compromised on his famous
pledge, “Read my lips, no new taxes!” JFK wrote “Profiles in Courage”…Obama’s book should be,
“Profiles in Compromise”

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