Sunday, August 7, 2011

America's Down Grade

The United States credit rating was down graded for first time in the history of credit ratings this week. The country's top AAA dropped to a AA-plus. The credit agency that made the decision to lower this country's credit rating said that it lowered the rating because the deficit reduction plan, that was debated and passed by Congress this week because it did not go far enough to stabilize the country's debt situation. Obama said the decision had "deep and fundamental flaws." The only flaw is the spending by him and congress that got this country to the point of were it is. This country cannot spend more than we take in and still think that everything will be okay. We can not spend our way out of default.
The credit agency that made the down grade (Standard & Poor's) said that it was also issuing a negative outlook, which means that there is more than a good chance the company will lower the rating again within the next two years. The company said that such a downgrade to AA happened because they did not see less reductions in spending from Congress and Obama. That was a correct statement because all that is coming out of Washington by Obama and his democrat colleges is more spending and the raising of taxes. One would have to stop and think, does Obama want this country to default, or is he the type of person that says: "It is my way or the highway." 

The credit agency told the government in April that a downgrade was going to happen unless Congress and Obama came up with a credible long-term deficit reduction plan and avoided a default on the country's deficit. The country never defaulted, but came close. There is still no long term deficit plan by Obama or congress. Why does that not surprise many people. After months of  back and forth negotiations with Obama, Congress passed this week a debt reduction package at the 11th-hour that stopped a possible default. Standard & Poor said it was now "discouraged about the capability of Congress and Obama to be able to use their agreement this week to bring forth a more broader fiscal plan that combine and beef up this country debt anytime soon." The fact is this, Obama will never do any of what the credit agency said because he will not do what the American people want. The American people are saying the same thing as the credit rating company. both are to death ears.

Everything is blamed on Bush. That is Obama's way out of every debate. How much longer will the American people put up with this? Obama his self has done a job on this country. From the Health Care Bill, To the failed stimulus bills, to all the bail outs, all have a major part in where our country is today, financially. Then when you add all the other things to it such as, not securing our boarders, giving illegals all kinds of benefits that the taxpayer will have to shoulder the bill for and many other thing we have a burden that no country could bear.  As citizens we can, for the most of us, balance a check book, know when and when can not go in debt. I'm sure that the people in our government also can balance their own personal accounts. so why can't they balance the country's budget?

There are many reasons for that. The congress wants to keep on with its spending on many different programs that will bring them votes from the small minorities. such as expanding entitlement programs for people that  are not even entitled to anything. I will include in this the following;
  • People who are here illegally in this country who use the system.
  • People who are using the system in anyway that would not work in a pie shop tasting pies.
  • People who have babies one after another and never give it a second thought about providing for them, because the government picks up the tab.
  • People who get grants and loans from the government who are not really qualified, or who will never pay the government back.
  •  Giving to other nations that hate and despise everything this nation stands for.
  • The list could go on and on, but I think the reader gets the over all picture.

The people need to remove, get rid of, and do away with career politicians who have caused this problem. We need to elect responsible people who will listen to the voters and not about their private agenda. We also need to say no to the "Obama Change" and vote him out of office. Another four years of this man and our country will not survive. We will be a third world nation and that my friends is what Obama wants!

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