Sunday, August 28, 2011

AMERICA: A Nation Of Kings

Remember the American Revolution. It was a cause for people to free their self from a king (dictator) who taxed the people beyond what they should have been taxed. There was a tax for everything! There was unbearable laws placed on the backs of the people.  Thousands of people died to make this country free. Why because they wanted to be a free people.
Remember the plantations of the south before the civil war? People lived on these plantations that were slaves, indentured servants, and others who depended on the owners for everything. A place to stay, food that they ate  (if you could call it food) and just about every basic need. Whatever it was, it had to come from the plantation owner. There came a time when all the slaves, indentured servants, and others wanted to be a free people, and rightly so! They wanted the chance to make their own money, live where they wanted to live, eat what they wanted to eat, and just to be a free man. Being free was (noticed I said was)  what made this country great. Tens of thousands of people, both white and black died for the cause of freedom and to be a free man.
The sad thing is, and this is my thought, if you look at it, we are still slaves, servants, and a bought people! We have a great multitude of people who now depend on the government for everything. And for that they are their slaves as far as votes, and standing behind these government officials.  They depend (just like the slaves in the south did long ago,) for food, housing, money to spend, and their very way of life. Sad to say, but it is the truth.  Now how is that being free? It is like all of us, to some degree, live on this big plantation and we are dependent on the plantation owners, or to make it plainer the elected officials from the president right on down.
The government controls every aspect of our lives, and most people do not even know it. We have more taxes in this country than any other country the face of this earth! And the plantation owners are trying to find more taxes and raise the taxes that we already have. But let’s not stop there! The government wants to control businesses, how you heat your home, the banks, gun ownership, and even how you care for your own health. We are also told what is politically correct and what is not.  What a big plantation that we live on!
So where do the American People go from here? How do we get off this plantation?  The only legal, lawful and peaceful way out of our slavery, to the government,  is to put our Constitutional Republic Government back in place, just like it was when this country was founded.  This nation was founded as a republic, but it is not being governed that way. We must elect people who will put our nation with its Republic back under the control of Law and not a band of people who want it their way.  This is a Republic.  In a Republic, government is controlled by Law.  That clearly means that government cannot control the Law.  The Law controls the government. This is not the way it is today in America today.  The people of this country should assign the government with enough power to deal with foreign governments and to assist the people with civil and criminal remedies against trespasses. That is where it should end! Our nation's government is vacant, empty, and not being used as it was intended by our founding fathers. It's up to the American people to re-seat it as it was in the beginning of this nation. One nation (of free people) under God!

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