Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tea Party Or Is It Terrorist

Vice President Biden said Monday that fiscal conservatives “acted like terrorists” during the debt-ceiling debate. Biden's cutting remarks and slurs went along with the statement from from Micheal Doyle a democrat from Pennsylvania ,Who said  “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” Comparing conservatives to violent extremists was a low moment even for a politician who is famous for trackless words and actions. Being upset and a  little frustration from the Democratic is very understandable, but for them to use such words against other Americans who do not hold the same views as they do is not conceivable in most Americans minds. They have had their way to long and now they see a change on the the way and they do not like it. 

While the liberals congressmen kept the spending, like the Balanced Budget Amendment from being pasted they are sure lost for now on any kind of tax hikes. Part of the back and forth contest came down to whether liberals believed fiscal conservatives would refuse to compromise on taxes even if it meant causing an economic meltdown. The Democrats who believed that the Tea Party could not bring some sort of change about were fooled for once! They got a taste of The average American that has had enough of Washington's way and their out of control spending. New ways and new ideas for getting new taxes pasted will be on the table as soon as the Democrats returns from their August recess. Until the liberals in congress get serious about cutting government spending, and stop increasing  taxes, we as Americans will still be in danger of a unbalanced budget and a government in default!

Although the Tea Party movement is not, as a political party yet, they are still a group to be reckoned with!  People like John Paul, Sara Palin, Michele Bachmann, and  Dick Armey will be around for sometime to come as the Tea Party grows everyday! Without a well defined plan, how can the American people trust Congress to make the right decisions to curb the overspending, eliminate the deficit, and begin to pay down our massive debt of $14.4 trillion and still counting? there has to be a game plan! Obama showed, once again, that he refuses to put forth an actual plan, written down, in detail, to keep our country from going bankrupt. He just keeps on spending. I truly believe, along with a lot of other people, that he wants this country to fail so he can put forth his own form of government, which by the way is communist. 

This issue about all the spending in Washington is no longer about Democrats or Republicans. It is about the future of our Country! The  politicians, that are in office now, have no credibility, what so ever, when it comes to cutting the out of control spending. Their political careers, big paychecks, and their big retirement packages are more important than prosperity of our country and those people that they represent, and by the way the people who put them, in Washington.

I'm not a Republican or Democrat, an African America, Chinese American, Mexican American, I'm a American. I'm a person that calls it like it is and this country is nor hitting on much from Obama right on down to the lowest in congress. If that makes me a racist, a terrorist, or some sort of criminal, then so be it., because, as with the majority of Americans, my country comes first before any of the for mentioned things. It is time to get rid of these career dead heads who will not listen to the American people and put new leadership in congress and the White House that will!

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