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The Gangs of Salisbury

I just read the article in the Salisbury Times about their Gang problem. It was a very interesting article. Even though it was a very good and well written article she is behind times, because so many people in the Salisbury area have been commenting on this very subject in the paper for years. That is the way it is, the voice of the common folks are mostly never heard. It is a shame when gangs (who you know are armed) roam Salisbury and honest people have no way of defending their self because of federal and state gun control laws that are really worthless. Honest people are at the mercy of the bad guy and guess what, the bad guy knows this. The problem of gun control and gangs, home invasions, murder, and robbery will soon get much worse. The lawless people will have guns and the honest people will have none. You cannot count on the police because even though they do a good job this problem will soon over whelm them. They are only so many police officers. How are we to defend ourselves? The honest citizen will soon not be allowed to own a firearm, if Obama and Holder get their way, let alone be allowed to carry one. In some towns and states in this country it is legal to carry fire arms and in those states crime is way down. I wonder why. We do not need such as in the old wild west days but we do need to be safe in our homes and walking down the street. What good is the courts? 80% of the time they slap the criminals on the wrist instead of bringing the full weight of the law down on then.

The real news is that as the things in this world get worse, so will the gangs. You may laugh but the problems of this world have steadily got worse. There are parts of certain cities, across this nation, that police will not even go unless they go in force. Who is protecting the citizen in these areas? And now we have a federal government who wants to dismantle our country piece by piece. The gang problem, in Salisbury or anywhere else in this country, will not get any better until the borders are sealed and the flow of illegal people are stopped. We do not need to stop Mexico's drug war for them. We have our own problems and Mexico is the cause of a lot of them. We can blame the gang problem on whatever we want but it will not get any better until the citizens unite and demand a change. Not Obama's kind of change, but a change of our values and how things are done to keep the honest person safe. Everything is done for the criminal in this country and the honest man is screwed most of the time. Until we change the soft laws we have on crime and do away with gun control laws, that are useless, these problems will not stop but get worse. You may say the courts are overcrowded and they are, but why? They are overcrowded because of so many repeat offenders who will break the law over and over again because they know for the most part our court systems are a joke. For the most part it is not the judges and court officials but it is the rules and guidelines that they have to go by. These guide lines are made up and passed by people that we have elected to government. These people not only tie your hands they even tie the hands of law enforcement with some of their silly laws.

I do not want to sound like a prophet of doom and gloom, but we have not seen nothing yet. As if the crimes in this country are not getting worse we have a federal government that wants to give the enemy terrorist their rights when they are captured. How stupid! Who knows what laws that are in effect that would land you in jail for shooting someone who breaks into your home. We have some twisted laws that are just plain out and out foolish. I live in the country and anytime that I have called the police their response time has always been at least fifteen minutes. By that time a person could be seriously hurt or killed by a intruder. It is not the police officers fault there is only so many of them to cover a large area. So the question is do you just stand there and let the intruder do what they want or run to another room until the police come,  as most of the government law makers will tell you to do, or do you defend and protect yourself? If someone tries to break in my house, if Bruce (my dog) does not get them my shotgun will. Let me give you a short story, that I once read over the internet, and you tell me which one you are!

 Picture yourself walking down the street with your family one night and a terrorist or a gang member came out of the shadows with intentions to rob you and do you and your family bodily harm. Which of the following three are you? (1) A LIBERAL sees the bad guy coming with his weapon drawn and he begins to question himself if there is enough lighting in the area, is there some way that I could reason with him, we need new gun laws, maybe if we run some of us could get away, do I have time to call the police? (2) A CONSERVATIVE sees the bad guy coming and he pulls out a handgun and starts to think, will I get in trouble if I shoot him, if I go to jail, for shooting this bad guy, will my family be okay? Who will take care of them with me in jail?(3) THE ONE THAT CLING TO HIS BIBLE AND GUNS sees the guy coming pulls out his Glock 45 and then you hear BANG! BANG! BANG! over and over again, then a empty clip hitting the ground. The family is safe and wait for the police to arrive. No more bad guy.

Sad to say some reading this will say that that is a dangerous and bad story but I would say this to you: In times past when most people, in this country, were like the number three guy in the above story there was a lot less crime in this country and it was basically safe to walk our streets. As this nation gets more and more violent all Americans need to know how to protect their self. Let the empty clip fall to the ground instead of you. Let the criminal know and understand that crime never pays and let him know that you will defend you and your family.


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