Monday, November 9, 2009

Anything For A Vote

The nation's unemployment now is now over 10.2 percent. Some economist, in the know, say it is really over 17 percent if you count all the people who have just stopped looking for work and It may go beyond 20 percent by next year. In many western states, such as California, the jobless rate may climb even higher. The old notion that "illegal immigrants just pick the lettuce that Americans refuse to" will not cut it anymore. In fact, today less than one out of 20 illegal aliens currently do farm labor. Most are engaged in construction as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other trades, or the service industry, or are homemakers with childcare responsibilities. While plenty of unemployed American citizens may still not yet wish to pick oranges, the jobless might consider taking jobs like hammering nails or working in restaurants and these jobs are being taking over more and more by illegal immigrants who are still coming by the thousands. Many states are broke. Taxes are rising. The public is questioning all sorts of government entitlement expenditures. In California, the latest budget crisis saw a $26 billion shortfall -- at a time when some studies put the state's net health, housing, education and criminal justice costs for some 3 million illegal aliens at over $10 billion a year. How will this country ever get back on its feet allowing that to happen? We have people losing their homes, living in tents, cars, with no jobs, no way of supporting their self (I’m talking about the people who really want to work) and we still have a large illegal immigration problem. Does this make any sense. Does the politicians need the illegal votes that bad to turn their back on the American Worker.
Even though the economy and job market is very bad the illegal aliens who receive government help somehow can send money back home to Mexico. Why is that? Of the 11-12 million illegal aliens believed to be residing in the United States, well over half are thought to be Mexican nationals. Each alien on average may send back perhaps about $3,000-4,000 per year to Mexico -- making their combined total of $25 billion in remittances a major source of Mexico's national income. So the money sent south may be near much of the cost of the taxpayer providing support for the nation's resident illegal population in the first place. Are the politicians missing something here or are their eyes turned the other way for the votes the illegals bring with them.
Americans have never minded helping the poor in their midst, even during hard times. But it's fair for us to wonder whether our own rising taxes go in part to pay for those who are subsidizing the Mexican government's inability or unwillingness to provide basic care for its own citizens. Mexico is a crooked country with crooked people running it. It always has been crooked down through its history and what is the difference now?
Finally, Mexico has seen the worst increase in of drug violence in its recent history --threatening to reduce the government to the status like Colombia in the 1980s. Over 7,000 Mexican citizens have been killed in gun battles so far this year between government security forces and the drug cartels. Who wants that violence to keep spilling over into major U.S. cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles? When will this government do something about the problem? Instead of doing something about the problem this present administration thinks that we are part of the problem. Instead of tighter border control to curb these illegal activities the government wants tighter gun control in this country to stop the violence. Close the borders and the violence, for the most part, will stop. Sometimes we must wonder if these congressmen and senators have a lick of sense.
Obama is between a rock and a hard place -- under biased political pressure by his own party to go further than any past government in easing immigration enforcement while the wider public increasingly wants the border strictly enforced and illegal immigration ended. Polls of all sorts reveal consistently that the public believes illegal immigration is a serious problem and that government is not doing enough to stop it. Why is not the government hearing this? Apparently a hesitant Obama hopes that the crisis over illegal immigration will just go away on its own -- despite his now forgotten April vow to enact "comprehensive immigration reform." When will Obama stop this flood of illegals? Or will he take a stance like his positions on the need for more troops in Afghanistan, and the nuclear crisis with Iran ? Obama is voting "present" on illegal immigration and that is not helping the American worker who is out of a job and it is not helping the crime that is getting out of hand on our borders and spreading buy Mexican gangs all over our nation.

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