Monday, November 16, 2009

Acts Of Terrorism

After the latest terrorist act on innocent people at Fort Hood it's somewhat disturbing and alarming, why Obama continues to be counted present on the terrorism question. Most Americans believe that the Fort Hood massacre was a act of terrorism and want it investigated as a terrorist act, however Obama sees the mass murder as a "tragedy" and a violent crime. He told ABC News: "In a country of 300 million people, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable."
But Fort Hood, in the opinion of most Americans, is not one of them. When a man e-mails an al-Qaida recruiter in Yemen, someone who enlist others for the jihadist cause at least 15 times, and then cries out "Allahu Akbar" (god is great) while gunning down unarmed innocent people, it is plain to be seen, the facts are there: Hasan is a terrorist, a jihadist. So tell me why does Obama have difficulty accepting that? What is his problem? You never win a war by being killed and maimed. You win the war by killing and maiming the other guy. That was a hard statement but it is the truth.

Obama has ordered that the words "war on terror" be replaced with "overseas contingency operations," and used instead of calling it what it really is. "A WAR ON TERROR" I have no problem calling it what it is and most Americans do not either. Obama calls the killings in Fort Hood Texas "a crime against our nation." President Obama, wake up! It was an act of terror, an act of war, against this nation, plain and simple. In theory, you could call the massacre murder of innocent people at Fort Hood a crime. But the reason was instinctively jihad, the Muslim holy war. So if you want to be straightforward and tell the truth, the Fort Hood mass murders was an act of terrorism to further their objective: the destruction and obliteration of people who do not believe in Islam. Hasan is not a nut cake. He is a is a person who hates anybody that is a infidel and does not believe the way he does .

Americans are at jeopardy and in danger because Muslim terrorists want to kill us. We have to have that mind set and let it sink in. That doesn't mean most Muslims subscribe to jihad, but it does mean the problem is entirely and absolutely Muslim. It does not come from any other group of people or religion. These acts will happen over and over again until Obama and his administration call it what it is and do more about it other than be counted "Present" There is no hugging the fence, you cannot be luke warm, you are either hot or cold.

It is good that Obama and his socialist friends wants to win the Muslim world over. But he'll never do it by avoiding the truth. He will never do it by being counted present. He should be asking the decent Muslims to help us to crush the terrorists in our midst. Calling the clear act of terrorism at Fort Hood a tragic crime is soft soaping the act and at its best is just being "political correct". We must tell Obama and his "politically correct" politicians to correctly define murderous acts of these juiced up jihadist. Call it what it is. What Obama is calling crime is not acceptable in this very dangerous world. He needs to call it what it is, TERRORISM

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