Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Criminal or A Terrorist

The list of choices made by Obama during the first year of his presidency is mind-boggling, but nothing look more like absolute lunacy and madness than the decision to try foreign terrorists, who have committed acts of war against the United States, in the courts of this land, as if these terrorist were American citizens accused of crimes. These people have no rights in this country. It is, in my opinion and the opinion of most Americans, plain madness on the government's part. When is what the American people think going to count for anything with Obama and his followers? Terrorists are not even allowed or permitted to have the protection of the Geneva Convention, much less the protection of The Constitution of the United States. Terrorists have never observed, nor even claimed to have observed, the Geneva Convention, nor are they among those covered by it. They also do not recognize the laws of the United States or our constitution in which Obama wants to try them. If it is not Muslim law then it is not recognized by them. But over and above the utter inconsistency of what is being done is the utter carelessness and irresponsibility it is a symbol of. We are at war with these people. They want to kill us. They want their rule of law not ours. In their eyes we are the enemy. We are the infidel. The last time an attack on the World Trade Center was treated as a matter of domestic crime, was after a bomb was set off there in 1993. Under the rules of American criminal law, the prosecution had to turn over all sorts of information to the defense lawyers. This was information that told the terrorist what we knew about them and how we knew it, making it much harder to catch them the next time they conduct an act of war against this country. Now how is that being smart? How can you win a war by doing this? By doing this one might ask the question: "How far did this set us back on our war against terror?"


Secrecy and silence in the time of a war is of great importance. It is a matter of life and death. People's lives and those of their families hang in the balance. Sad to say, the Obama administration wants to avoid seeing acts of terrorism against the United States for what they truly are, acts of war. The very term or expression "war on terrorism" is steered clear of by Obama and his socialist friends.. You will never hear the words come out of their mouth. Why not call it what it is? What is wrong with that? Criminal laws of this country are not designed for the purpose of trying war criminals. That is the reason why we have military courts. There is a big difference between the two. How many Americans will forfeit their lives for the intelligence secrets and methods that will be forced to be disclosed to Al Qaeda if these people are tried in a criminal court?. This could put our whole nation and other nations in peril. Does this man even care what happens to our nation and to the free world. Was there mention of how many foreign nations and individuals whose cooperation with us in the war on terror have been involved in countering Al Qaeda or how many foreign nations and Individuals will have to think twice or three times now, before cooperating with us again, when their role can be revealed in court to our enemies, who can, with that information, exact revenge on them with suicide bombing and other acts of terror. What is Obama's real agenda here? We need someone who can make real decisions and not a community organizer bent on destroying our country with his teleprompter mentality. Whose side is he on?

Behind this decision by Barrack Husain Obama and his attorney general is the idea that we have to exhibit our good faith to other nations. Internationally, the law of the jungle ultimately prevails, despite goody-goody talk about "the international community" and "world opinion," or the arrogant and corrupt charade called the United Nations. You know, the group of people located in the New York sewer. What a sham. Yet this is what Barack Obama has been cuddling up to after becoming president of the United States. The dumbness of a trial for terrorists in federal court for an act of war and the international wide-reaching advertising podium that it will give the terrorist it may seem to like a small thing, to some people, that Obama, once again, has been photographed again bowing to a overseas leader. As a private citizen, Barack Husain Obama has a right to make as big a jackass of himself as he wants to. But, as president of the United States, his actions, and the way he deals with people not only belittle a nation that other nations rely on for survival and their continued existence, but it also raises questions and uncertainty about how reliable and dependable our judgment and resolve are which in turn raises questions about whether those nations will consider, and start thinking that they are better off to make the best deal they can with our enemies. We only have to survive a little over three years of this and maybe by then most people in this country will see the light and get this man out from the highest office in our land and he will go back to what he is good at: Being a community Organizer.

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