Monday, June 29, 2009

The Unanswered Letter

I was scanning the internet and I came across a letter that Frank Wolf, a Republican Congressman from Virginia, sent to Attorney General Holder and is waiting for an answer . The letter was sent on June 8, 2009 and he may well wait a good while longer because the Justice Department doesn't want to explain its choice to write off its case against the worst case of voter intimidation and bullying in many years, and also why they have not pursue a criminal indictment. I really would like to hear Holder's answer, if he ever gives a answer. Wolf's letter asks why the Justice Department dropped the case against the New Black Panther Party, which Wolf's letter describes as "a radical militant supremacist association and hate group and its two members who threatened voters as part of a national voter coercion and intimidation effort on Election Day last November." I want to know the answer also. Click here to read the letter

According to Wolf's letter, in an hostile encounter in Philadelphia (which I personally saw, and I'm sure many of you did also, on Fox News on Election Day) one NBPP member pointed a weapon at folks, all within eight to fifteen feet of a polling station. "One of the witnesses, an knowledgeable and qualified civil rights attorney, has publicly called this 'the most obvious and unconcealed form of voter intimidation' he has ever seen." So please tell me why Mr. Holder refuses to do anything. Could this be the new security force that Obama was talking about during the election? The one that was only accountable to him. Sounds like a pretty good start. The Justice Department dismissed the case, according to new reports, over the strong objection of career lawyers working in the Civil Rights Division. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are taking into consideration their own uncertainty of the Justice but it has been delayed for weeks actually because of difference of opinion among the staff. While the Judiciary's internal debate continues, there are other issues to be looked at. It is rumored there was correspondence such as e-mails, phone calls and so forth, between Justice Department political employees and outside interest groups on how the New Black Panthers case should be pursued or how to dismiss the case. Why is the Justice Department is delaying its answer. As the congressman waits for an answer I also wait to hear about the reasoning behind this.
Doesn't do any good to have the government's brown shirts in jail now does it? We have a president that has aligned his self with communist, terrorist, corrupt organizations like ACORN, and just plain crooks. Now we have his attorney general not doing anything about this incident at the polling station but wants gun owners to give up their guns. Looks like to me it is the 1930's Germany all over again only this time it is the American Gestapo and the American Brown shirts!

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