Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama’s Egypt visit

When Obama goes to Egypt this week to give a major address to the Muslim world, what will he say? Will he tip toe through the tulips once again? Will he once again apologize for what he calls, America's arrogance. Will he kiss the feet of the Egyptian Leaders like he did the leaders in Saudi Arabia? Will he once again tell the Muslim world that he is sorry for how America has treated them? Will he tell them that he is sorry for any anti-Muslim feelings that most Americans think and feel? Will he tell them that America is not at war with the Muslim world and will he once again tell the Muslim world that he is so sorry for the way most people in America think? This is what he basically done on his last visit to the Muslim world. Obama does not need to patronize the Muslim people, he needs to tell them the truth. He needs to tell the Muslim world that the country he is president of ( The United States) has not declared war on Muslims and Islam. Obama needs to say that America has no desire to be at war with the Muslim world. He then needs to go way back and very deep, into the relationship that our country has had with the Muslim world for the past thirty or more years. In the last 20-30 years America did not just respect Muslims, but this country also bled and died for Muslims. We Americans were in, at least, five military conflicts on behalf of Muslims, each one resulting in the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. "Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as the 1992-93 Somalia involvement in which the United States feed starving African Muslims and for that 43 Americans were killed. That was the thanks that Americans got. In none of them was there any important U.S. strategic interest at stake. So, in fact, in these 20 to 30 years, my country, the United States of America has done more for suffering and oppressed Muslims than any other nation, Muslim or non-Muslim. Do you think he will say that?

For all this America has not only not received even a little thanks from the Muslim world, it has been the object of hatred, mass murder, and economic attack from Muslim individuals, groups, and countries. That is some of the truths that Obama needs to say. But we all know he will not, we will never hear it from this president. He needs to remind the Muslims that "In 1973, Muslim terrorists attacked the American embassy in Sudan and murdered our country's ambassador, Cleo Noel, and the chief deputy of the mission, George C. Moore. Later in 1973, the Arab oil embargo against America sent America into a long and painful recession. In 1977, Muslim thugs murdered the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Frances E. Meloy, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor. In 1979 radical Muslims violently attacked our country's embassy in Teheran, and for 14 months held American diplomats hostage, often in inexcusable conditions. In 1998, Muslim militants bombed the American embassy in Nairobi, killing 12 Americans and 280 Kenyans, and bombed our embassy in Tanzania, killing another 11 Americans. Then, on Sept. 11, 2001, 19 Muslims who had been living in America slit the throats of American pilots and flight attendants and then flew airplanes into civilian buildings in New York City, burning 3,000 innocent Americans to death. He needs to ask the Muslim world who is at war with who. That is the question that he, as our leader needs to put forth.

Obama needs to ask what would Egypt's reaction would have been had 19 Christians, in the name of Christianity, slaughtered 3,000 Egyptians. How would the Christians of Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East have fared? That is the kind of questions and speech that he needs to make. Because of persecution by Muslim majorities, Christians have been leaving the Middle East in such great numbers that for the first time since Christ, there are large parts of the Middle East that have become empty of both Jews and Christians. Mr. Obama you need to ask your Muslim friends why. Yet, at the same time, millions of Muslims have moved to Western countries and to America. It is fair to say and the truth of the matter is that the freest, and often the safest, place in the world for a practicing Muslim is the United States of America. "Muslim-Americans are treated exactly as other Americans are treated. It is exceedingly rare to hear any anti-Muslim bigotry in my country. And while there is some criticism of the Muslim world, but there is far more criticism of Christians and Jews in America than of Islam.

"Unfortunately, in much of the Muslim world today anti-Jewish speeches and writing are frequently just like the genocidal anti-Semitism and racial hate one heard and read in Nazi Germany during the time of Hitler. This is a stain and scar on your civilization. How can you seriously charge that America is at war with Islam when in fact it is much of the Islamic world that is at war with Jews and Christians? Why are we called the big Satan? What you need to say Mr. President is that America will never abandon Israel. America will we never stop supporting that country, because every president since Harry Truman, Democrat and Republican alike, has been fervent about enabling Israel to defend itself from those who wish to destroy it. And that, dear Muslims, is the issue. America will continue to support a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli dispute, but the real issue with you, the Muslim world, has never really been about two states. It has always been about Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims recognizing Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. That is a clear fact. The bottom line is that the Muslim world wants to rule the entire world with their religion which is one of fear and hate. You hear so many times that Islam is a religion of love. My question is when does the love start and hatred end? Do you think Obama will ask that question?

The day the Arab world ceases obsessing over the existence of a Jewish state, Israel, which is the size of Belize ( British Honduras) will be a great day for the Arab and Muslim worlds. Your obsession and hatred with Israel has cost you dearly in every area of social development. This is easily verified. If Israel were destroyed — and the so-called "right of return" of millions of third-generation Palestinian refugees would ensure that outcome as effectively as would a nuclear device from Iran — what difference would that make to the Egyptian economy, to Egyptian lack of freedoms, or anything else that matters to Egyptians? In my opinion, none whatsoever. Preoccupation with Israel has simply enabled the Arab world to not look at their own self and their problems from within for 60 years. The Muslim world needs to look at the inside of their world and stop trying to destroy the United States and Israel. What the Muslim world really needs to do is turn the spot light on their self. This is what our president should say when he goes to Egypt. He needs to tell the Muslim world that Americans would feel more confident and secure in American-Muslim relations if they had ever seen a large demonstration of Muslims anywhere against all the terror committed by Muslims in the name of Islam , no matter if it is in London, Madrid, New York, Bali, Cairo, or Mumbai.

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