Friday, June 5, 2009

The Day We Become Silent

You hear a lot about silent majority. You know the ones who are soundless, noiseless, unspoken, and never stand up for what they believe in. But here are the facts about the silent majority. They disagree with some of the ways that this country is run or should I say governed. We all have that right and it is my thought that if you disagree with something you should speak out and say what you mean and mean what you say. You will never change anything by keeping silent. Silence is not always golden. Right must have a voice that is heard. The silent majority must be united in its goal for a lasting peace in this world but at the same time they must be being united against people who think and live as if they were in the middle ages with modern gadgets. They must be unified against people that are elected to our highest office that would destroy this country.

The Muslim world will not give in as long as the United States is a Divided Nation. The Muslims can never defeat this country. Only Americans, themselves can do that. We must remember there is one thing worse than war and that is to be over powered and defeated. We are a strong nation but we make our own self weak by being divided. Remember the old saying: "United we stand, divided we fall" There are some people in this country that have not got that concept or hypothesis yet. It is just like the example of wooden matches. You can break one very easy, two you can break but not as easy, three it gets harder until you cannot break the matches. That is how this country has to be to win this war on terror which is now coming against us. This is one war that we as a nation have to win. When you sit around and waste years debating if the glass is half full of water or half empty you both will be wrong because the water will be gone and so will this great country. To me that is a simple way of explaining the problem about the terrorist. You do not win a war by open handily giving ground to the enemy.

General Patton, during World War Two, told his men this: "I do not want to hear we are holding our ground. Let the Huns do that! We are going to keep advancing till we win this war!" My next question where have all these great men gone? It is my opinion that we have the weakest president ever in charge of this great nation. What we need is another Patton and I can assure you that this war would come to a lot quicker conclusion. There are thousands of people that if they read this would be in agreement with me one hundred per cent. They have the same opinion but they will not open their mouth and say so. That my friend is the silent majority and because of you being silent and wordless your life will soon be over as you know it.

Not only will the terrorist have control over us just look at the other things that are happening right before your eyes and the silent majority just lets it happen. The government in just three short months controls nearly all the banks. They control the car makers and can tell them what kind of car to make, they want to control, and most likely will, the heath care of this country. You will be having you health taken care of by the government, because they are the ones that control the doctors. The end goal of this present administration is to control everything including you. That is just about as close to being a communist as you can get. There is coming a day not to far off that people like me, who are not silent and will speak out, will be stopped from, crying aloud against the things that are destroying this country. You may say that I'm crazy, that I'm sick in the head, fanatical, a idiotic, and many other things, but there will come a time if the silent majority does not speak up it will happen. We have a man that is taking us to the cleaners real fast. Just look at what has taken place in just a very few months. What will this country be at the end of four years. He is living up to his promise of change. Where will that change leave us at the end of four years or God forbid eight years.

The liberty that our fore fathers fought, bled, and died for are ever so slowly being taken from us and most of the people in this country do not even have a clue. It is time for people to stand up and say as Patrick Henry said long ago: "Give me liberty or give me Death"! It is time for more tea parties and most important it is time for people to vote for their liberties at the ballot box. Listen when the black people of this nation finally got tired of being at the back of the bus they made their voices heard in unity and rightly so. They had their rights as a free people and they made theirselfs heard. If they would have been a silent majority they would have been still riding in back of the bus.

This day, June 5, 2009, I'm so thankful for the men and women that have served this country so that I might be able to write this article. I give thanks to the men and women who bled and died, the ones who are maimed for life The ones who are buried in a far away land who died to keep us free. Freedom is to be cherished at all cost. There was a great price paid for it by our servicemen across this world.


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