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The Next Korean War

This great country of ours has already fought one war in Korea and the way things are shaping up we might be there again. During the Early 1950's we fought a war in that country. Some call it a conflict, but it was a war were our soldiers fought, bled, froze to death, and died, some being maimed for life. That should have been the last war there. We had a great general (Douglas MacArthur) who would have won that war, but whose hands were tied by our nation's leaders at the time. It seems that we are always stopping short of our victory of winning the war. We are always stopping short of the goal. So we will have to do it again with the cost of more lives on the battlefield. When will we as a nation ever learn that you do not compromise with the enemy. We have since then spent untold billions of dollars to maintain that peace and for what, we are just about back to square once again. We should have did it right the first time and all of this with north Korea would not be happening now. The problem is we are always leaving before the job is done. This leaves unfinished work.

North Korea threatens to engulf the whole Korean Peninsula in an all-out war. North Korea's recent test of a nuclear bomb is a serious threat to our country and to international security. This should not have been even allowed to happen. Kim Jong-Il continues to thumb his nose at President Obama. The dictator has made Mr. Obama look small on the world stage of players, showing just how his presidency is ineffective and reckless, in other words to make it very clear, useless. Washington's (the Obama administration) emphasis on diplomacy was supposed to smooth the progress of rogue states into increased cooperation. Instead, it has only helped and made the likes of North Korea (and Iran) to go ahead with their nuclear-weapons programs. Mr. Obama's "open hand" has been met with Mr. Kim's iron fist - one that has smashed Uncle Sam in the face. And this will keep right on happening as long as Obama is in the White house. When will our government ever get it? If North Korea has not, in 50 years cooperated, with the United States what makes Obama think he can talk to them now? Some people in this country might see Obama as the messiah, but I do not think that North Korea will see him that way.

North Korea is a regime not only unstable and repressive, but also treacherous and dangerous. They has formed an anti-American axis with Tehran and Damascus. It is involved in narcotics trafficking, counterfeiting and the smuggling of illicit weapons. Last year alone, North Korean state-run companies sold more than $1.5 billion in arms to Muslim nations such as Iran, Syria, Myanmar and Egypt. North Korea is a brutal police state characterized by one-party rule and totalitarian social control. Political corruption is rampant. Leninist economic planning is fused with nationalistic militarism. The result has been a failed nation - a starving, miserable population; a landscape blotted with slave-labor camps; and a country in which electricity and running water are luxuries for the privileged few. That is one of your Socialist nations. U.S. and Israeli intelligence officials say North Korea has supplied Iran's mullahs with key missile components. During Mr. Kim's first nuclear-bomb test in 2006, Iranian technicians were present as observers. In 2007, North Korean scientists built Syria's concealed nuclear reactor before it was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. By successfully detonating a nuclear device, Mr. Kim has sent a powerful and deadly message to the bad guys: He is ready to sell weapons of destruction as well as very important missile knowledge to jihadists and terrorist-sponsoring regimes. Does Obama still think that talking will do the trick? You do not talk with a mad dog or a mad man, because the results are the same. They will bite you were it hurts.

Desperate to prop up their love affair with the Obama administration and help all it can the liberal media have downplayed and not said much about the North Korean danger. They want you to think that Mr. Kim as an erratic, spoiled child who is looking for some international attention. In fact North Korea has threatened to abandon the armistice signed with Seoul following the 1950-53 war - an act, however, it has already repeatedly committed in the past. Whether this is more of the usual North Korean threats remains to be seen. I personally think that things will grow worse. The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that the growing state of affairs may spark a nuclear conflict in the world. Obama and the so-called "realists" (somebody who only considers things as they are or appear to be, and avoids ideals and abstractions) at the State Department are determined and settled on to have Pyongyang rejoin the six-party talks. That in itself is a joke. You cannot talk to mad men who are bent on doing something that is deadly and wrong. This is exactly what the problem is, the importance placed on joint diplomacy. That has led to the present crisis. Mr. Kim, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is determined to build a nuclear state - no matter what the cost. Our President either does not get it or he does not care. Mr. Kim believes (rightly so) that having a nuclear deterrent will immunize his regime from a Western military attack, thereby ensuring his country's survival. For fanatical dictators, in my opinion, talks are simply a cover to attain what they want. In this case it is the bomb. Talking to people like North Korea is a waste of time and gives them more time to complete their mission. If they have not changed their policy since the 1950s then how is talking going to change anything now? They have been talking (out of both sides of their mouth) for fifty years. So I do not see how any smooth talking messiah can change their mind about anything.

The grimy little secret is that the Obama administration knows this, They no longer really cares to dismantle Pyongyang's nuclear program. If they did, they would have launched a surgical airstrike to knock out North Korea's missile launch in April. Such a bold and confident move by this administration would have told the communist leadership - and its chief sponsor, Red China - that Washington was serious about curbing its Weapons of mass destruction capabilities. It would have put Tehran's Islamic nuts on notice. Instead, Mr. Obama pursues and wants a reckless policy of appeasement. Pacification will never win a war. It is also my opinion that we are no longer in control of our own destiny no matter if it is here at home or abroad. With the leadership that we have in the White house now we will always be on a downward spiral.

We have lost our freedom of action to pressure China to disarm one of the deadliest outlaw regimes on earth. America will regret that someday. Why is this so? Because China just about owns us, lock, stock and barrel. If you do not believe this then do as I did and start looking for the facts and you will find them. Not only has this country borrowed from China until we just about cannot barrow any more, nearly everything that we buy any more comes from China and that includes a lot of our food. This makes their economy strong while our economy is weak. This is not the time for the American people to have a weak president that says a lot but does nothing. We need a strong president that will take strong actions to protect this country and the world. I might have to say I'm sorry latter, but I must say that Obama is not that man. If you are looking for the messiah it is not him.


Christina said…
Reading some of the posts here, I can't say I was aware of, or that I understand all of, what is written. I don't know enough, and have not been following world events long enough, to know what is or isn't true, or likely to happen.

But this article on NK is solid.
Serious and disturbing business here.

Although I was under the impression, from articles in the Washington Post & USA Today, that China was far from in favor of NK's recent actions.

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