Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why is Syria America’s Responsibility?

What a lot of Americans and I do not understand about this debacle in Syria is; Where is the outrage from the Muslim countries over the use of chemical weapons on their own people? Why are they not saying anything? Why are they not stepping up and demanding answers? Why are America and the Western world expected to end the violence and the bloodshed in the Middle East? When will the Arab countries look out for their own people?

The thought here is maybe instead of the United States going into every Muslim country of the world to stop the madness that exist in just about every Muslim country, we should ask (or even demand) the Muslim world to deal with their own problems or even better let Allah take care of it for a change.

Muslim extremists blame the United States for all their problems that have been created by their own leaders. It is time to force the Muslim leaders in the Middle East to deal with their issues and problems that they have created their self. Let them build an army and send their young men to fight, to be maimed, to bleed, and to die. Let them take care of their own problems with their religion of peace.

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