Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Voter Identification


clip_image002I have been reading lot of articles, pro and con about voter identification in a local newspaper that covers most of the area where I use to live in for a big part of my life and it amazes me the issues some people have.

Some people maintain, and I agree, that requiring the showing of proper ID is acceptable for just about everything that we do except at the polling place because the right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens by the U.S. Constitution. Even if the right to vote was guaranteed in the Constitution, which by the way it was not, I’m confused as to why being asked to properly identify yourself when you come to the voting booth to exercise and use that right is wrong and inappropriate?

Some of you who read this will say will say that I’m ludicrous and absurd, when I say the right to vote isn’t in the Constitution? If you think that you might want to see what the Supreme Court, who has ruled on this, has to say about it. “The individual citizen has no federal constitutional right to vote.”

The 15th Amendment based on voting says that a citizen’s “race, color, or previous condition of servitude. “This amendment only forbids certain forms of legal discrimination in establishing and making qualifications for suffrage.” Some people in this debate on the voting issue want to ensure that every eligible voter who wants to vote can. That is for the most part the Republican Party. Even though I am not a Republican, but a registered independent voter, I agree with the grand old party!

The other party, better known as the Democrats, wants to ensure that every voter who is ineligible to vote can do so. Hard to believe isn’t it? They do not have much of an argument but they will keep it up.

Everywhere a person goes in the United States there are certain things that require photo identification. When a person opens a bank account the bank must ask for your photo I.D. The Patriot Act requires the bank to do that and if they do not ask for it that bank is in a world of trouble and could be liable for a very big fine. You must prove who you are by photo I.D to purchase an airplane ticket, to buy a car, or to buy a house. And the list goes on and on. Where would this country or any sustainable economy be without identification?

Only an extreme radical group of people (people who know that they are wrong from the start) would insist that any state who is trying to remove dead people, illegal aliens, dogs, cats, and who knows what else from the voting process are violating the constitution. And let us not forget those who vote multiple times like the woman who lived in Chicago who voted for Obama 18 times in the last presidential election. If she had a photo I.D. it would never have happen but of course that would be (according to our Democrat friends) an example of suppressing the vote. clip_image004

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