Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Man You Call President


 Obama is way in over his head as president, especially about the Syrian conflict. As the president of the United States he has lost whatever credibility he has with the American people and world leaders. They look at him as a joke. The president of the United States must be a trustworthy and creditable person no matter who he is. The past five years of Obama living in the White House tell us that he is neither trustworthy of creditable. It just so happens that Obama is the president at this time in history and as far as credibility goes he has none.

Obama has irresponsibly and carelessly endangered the trustworthiness of not only American presidents in the future, but the security of our country also, by his superficial words and his puny acts as president in the area of foreign affairs. He is either missing something or he knows exactly what he is doing. (Destroying America) I think it is the latter.

Any person with any sense at all, even though they do not want any American involvement in Syria will tell you that we must back up Obama’s threat now, just to prevent any dangers in the coming future from a loss of American credibility in the eyes and minds of our enemies. The people who hate us, as well as our allies who have a lot to lose also by Obama making threats and then taking forever to back them up. We have a big problem with this man we call president. His big mouth and his narcissistic ego.

Most Americans cannot see why a single American soldier should be killed as a result of a weak foreign policy or a U.S. military strike, merely to spare Barack Obama the embarrassment of doing nothing, after his ran off of the mouth in public and demand the Syrian government to not use chemical weapons and he was ignored by Syria. How many lines in the sand does he need to draw?

Some people say that some military response is now necessary, not to spare Obama any embarrassment for not backing up what his big mouth puts out, but to spare the American presidency, all future presidents, and the American people from losing all credibility around the world to deter future threats to the United States without putting boots on the ground and bloodshed. We need a president that thinks before he opens his mouth. Something Obama apparently does not know how to do.

At this point and time in the Obama administration a token military strike will do nothing more to preserve the United States credibility than to do nothing at all. Years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan by American troops and still nothing much has changed Why should soldiers or civilians get killed just to spare Barack Obama (The little general who lost his pants) a personal humiliation? Because that is what they would be doing.

Obama and his narcissistic ego have already put into place too many disasters not only in America but around the world also. It is very clear that his earlier actions in the Middle East were not thought out, unless he was deliberately trying to weaken the position of America in the Western world with her allies. Sometimes I wonder if this might not be the case. Is this his plan? Is this one f he changes that he talks so much about?

The real truth about Obama’s policies in Libya, Egypt, and other Mideast countries have led to replacing stable regimes (They might not have been perfect), that were at peace with America and for that matter with Israel, and they were also tolerant with Christians in their country and now they have been replaced with chaotic regimes in which fanatic anti-American terrorists that Obama has backed such as The Muslim Brother Hood are now in control.

How many Americans have yet, after nearly five years, to learn and to distinguish between his narcissistic words and his wretched record? There are a lot of problems in America and this world that hang on the answer to that question. Just think we have three more years of this man and we can only hope that there is an America left as we know it.

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