Thursday, October 4, 2012


It’s baffling to me how some people think in this county. Unemployment has been over 8 percent since January 2009 until now and there is no sign of it changing, the average income for most American workers has decreased $4,000, the national debt has grown $5 trillion since Obama has been in office and is now over 16 trillion dollars. Gas prices are up 100 percent, over twice what the prices were when Obama too office.  Obamacare will ration Medicare services, Some hospitals and doctors will soon not take it for payment.

All over the whole Islamic world, the middle east and from Libya to Indonesia, Muslims are burning the American flag, killing our ambassadors, our embassy personal, and destroying our embassies. while nothing is being done about it. Obama is going to slash our military when now more than ever we need a strong military. My question to the American people is this: Doesn’t anyone care? Don’t people read and listen to the news anymore They are apparently aren’t  worried about the direction our country is heading? Soon at the rate we are going, as a country, there will be no more America as we know it.

Obama has a small lead in the national polls. His goal is to dismantle our country piece by piece and he is doing a pretty good job of it. If a person sits down and puts all the pieces together they would see as I do. “NOBAMA” for our next president. I am worried as well as any true American who believes in the constitution would. I want my children and their children to grow up in a free enterprise system without Washington or people like Obama determining their future. Most people will admit, it is hard getting the straight and truthful story because 90 percent of the people who bring you the news voted for Obama in 2008, and their reporting most always reflects and shows their bias. It is time for all Americans stand up and say enough is enough.

The Gun is Not The Problem

( This article is a response by Bill Patchett to an article in the Star Democrat news paper dated February 18 , 2018. His response below ...