Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Real Agenda

When you reach the age of sixty seven there are some things and some people who just do not fool you. I have just about seen it all and I pretty much know where people are coming from. This is the case with Obama. No matter what kind of spin the liberals put on what he does and says it is easy to see through Obama and his agenda.
After reading his books, taking note of who his friends are, seeing who some of the people are that he has made part of his cabinet and his shadow government (The Czars), and by the things that he has said and done I have come to this conclusion,  It my opinion every since he started to run for president that Obama is a Muslim and a socialist. Obama s behavior, even before he was elected and what he has done and said since he has been in the White House regarding Islam and socialism have one hundred percent convinced me that Barrack Obama definitely has a Socialist and Islamic view of the world and America. Now that is a scary combination. Remember this man is in the White House and is the leader of our country. We now have a leader that will help the socialist and the Islamist to destroy our country from within. I'm glad to see the number of people that think like me are growing by great numbers every day.
A person that keeps up with world events knows there is only one difference between Islam and Communism. Islam uses Allah, while socialism uses atheism, to fight, injure, behead, and kill the Christians in the World and people of the Jewish faith. Free democracies, such as the United States, are different and foreign to Islamic and communist countries because the United States regard the government as a servant to the people and that human rights are from God Almighty and not from man, or a socialist government or Shari Law. Both Sharia and Socialism are one in their hate for America. They have the same goal, DESTROY AMERICA! Obama has become the wonder boy for both Islamic World and socialist countries. His policies, his actions, and what he does everyday represents both the doctrines of socialism and Islam. That is plain to see by anyone who has any intelligence. He is taking our country apart piece by piece.
By reading his books and researching his past it is plain to see he was groomed for years to help promote and put into place the socialist and Islamic causes inside America. The claim that Obama is a Christian is a joke to most of the Christian world and appears to be more doubtful each day. Obama's deception of the American people is working well for the socialists and Islamist who want to defeat and take over our country. Their main goal is to take over the world.

Obama has clearly achieved his goal of lying and deceiving the American People. He has achieved this, by denying, to the American people, who he really is, a Muslim. (A wolf in sheep's clothing) That is why his actions and words never add up. He says one thing and then does another. He has become our Liar in Chief. It is clear that Obama has no problem whatsoever in lying for the sake of the change and the hope that he has made a central theme to his presidency. It is significant to note that lying about being a Muslim in a non-Muslim majority country is allowed under Islam. Now, I am not necessarily saying that Obama is a secret Muslim, even though he might think he is, because he is not hiding anything in the closet like his Islamic roots and that he possesses sympathies to the Islamic culture and religion, which he himself has boasted about more than once. And the fact remains that, as we know very well, in Islam, lying for the purpose of jihad in Islam is also not only allowed, but an obligation to be proud of. A Muslim is even encouraged to blame the enemies of Islam for their lies.

Sharia law states: Lying is obligatory if the purpose is obligatory. Muslim clerics have no problem lying not just to the non-Muslim world but even to the Muslim masses since Islam also allows Muslims to lie in order to bring Muslims together in harmony and friendship. Obama insists that the Muslim World, or the so-called moderate Muslims, has nothing to do with terrorism and blamed previous American foreign policy and Israel, for Islamic anger. Obama narrowed down the problem of Islamism to al Qaeda while embracing and holding hands with other Islamic groups and calling them moderate, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. By doing that, Obama dismissed the long history of terror by the Muslim Brotherhood, which gave birth to AL Qaeda and hundreds of other terror groups. Nothing in Obama s world is the fault of Islam, and that is why he ordered the Fort Hood massacre to be classified as "work place violence" and not Islamic terrorism when just about every American knows it was a act of terrorism.
Obama believes, because he is a Muslim, that he uniquely understands the Muslim world and that he will bring a new era of peace with Islam, at least, during his administration. But as president of the United States, Obama is in a quagmire between protecting American lives from these Muslim terrorist  and being loyal to Islam and appeasing his Islamic friends. Placing American marines in US consulates in a dangerous terror infested Islamic country also jeopardizes a bloody confrontation between American security forces and Islamist. It would also go to discredit Obama s theory of Islam having nothing to do with terrorism. Also, if Obama confronts Muslim jihadist in Islamic countries, militarily, his whole theory that he has brought a new page in American-Islamic relations would fall apart. He will go to great lengths to not let that happen.
That explains why the request for American security instead of Libyan (Muslim) security by Ambassador Stevens, went unanswered by the Obama administration. Obama did not want the possibility of American marines shooting at or killing Muslim terrorist in order to save American lives. Because of that, Obama took a chance with the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others and left them as collateral damage rather than the chance of Marines killing the Muslim attackers. That would set his agenda back.
It is a shame and disgraceful that it took four  years, a tragedy in Libya and the lives of decent Americans to prove that Obama is unfit to be president of the United State. Obama has fooled the American people (most of them) for four years. it remains a question, to me, how many more years he can do what he is doing to our country.

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