Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OBAMA: The Great Deceiver

We will soon go to the polls to vote for a president and this question arises to be answered, Are Obama’s countless monumental mistakes, which have wrecked the country, really just the mistakes of a person that is unfit for the job of being president or is it something else? To insure our countries freedom and standing in the world that question must be answered in the heart of every true American Patriot. Our freedoms and country are at stake in this election. To start off with let’s look at the mistake beginning with his attention four years ago to the health care issue when it was obvious to most Americans the economy had to be and should have been his first problem to be fixed and dealt with. It was his first issue that he needed to tackle, which anybody with a lick of sense knew. So my question is why he chose as his first order of business Heath Care when there was a greater problem facing our nation.

And now he has sanctioned and gave his nod to the third debasement, or lowering of the value of the American dollar.  QE3, where money is again being misdirected into the hands of fat-cats who will not spend it where it needs to be spent, such as on public works projects, but instead will be lent to the government to waste, at a higher interest rate than the zero amount required of them by Ben Bernanke, who is the head of the Federal Reserve. All the while Ben Bernanke, among other people, who are far more competent, has forecast an impending and dooming economic crisis, Obama seized the opportunity at his recent Jackson Hole conversation to disclaim responsibility, “Don’t blame me,” was what he implied. How is that for a leader? What does he want us to do, blame Bush?

But let us stop and think. Let us put the pieces together. Could these actions all be the mistakes of an “amateur”? Someone who did not know what he was doing or is he like a kid with his first erector set toy, or could they be part of a master plan, conceived by him when he sought and ran for the presidency and only him and his wife knew of his plans, while his naive, inexperienced, and green constituents were unable to recognize it? All they could see was the “pie in the sky” that he offered them if he was elected. Obama’s goal all along was to undermine this country the best way he could and that is through the dollar. If you voted for him the first time around do not be fooled twice.  This man has set out to destroy this nation as we know it and if given a second term will most likely finish the job.

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