Sunday, October 21, 2012

OBAMA: Strange And Baffling

It's baffling and strange to me from the time Obama became president nothing that he promised or campaigned on has come to past except for one. He said he would transform (change) America and that he is doing. Piece by piece, to a country that many people do not know anymore. He is dismantling our country and building it like he wants, into a socialist country with the government controlling every move a person makes. The transparency he has promised has become non existent as things are being done more and more in the shadows of the White House without congress having a say, but yet he is a popular figure with a large percentage of the voters.

 Unemployment has been over 8 percent. This is only the figure from the government. Who knows what the figure really is. The average income for the working person has decreased $4,000. The national debt has grown $5 trillion in just four short years and it is now over $16 trillion dollars. Gas prices are up and over 100 percent from the time that Obama took office. Obama care will ration Medicare services for all seniors and it has already started. The same kind of medical care has failed or is not working as promised in other countries. There has not been a budget passed by congress in four years. The federal reserve is printing money more money everyday, causing the dollar to be devalued. The shovel ready jobs are not there and the stimulus money went to companies that are now bankrupt or future votes.

 We have a president that refuses to call terrorism what it really is. All over the whole Islamic world, from Libya to Indonesia,  American flags are being burned and trampled on. Our embassies, ambassadors, and other government people are being murdered, while the Obama White House bows low and apologizes to the Islamic World, promising we will do better. We send billions of our tax dollars to these countries every year. When will it end? When will we ever have a leader that will say: "Enough is enough"?

I'm beginning to wonder. Does anyone care? Don't people see were our country is heading or don't they really care anymore. Are they worried about the direction our country is heading? Apparently not, President Obama still continues to show a big percentage in the national polls and a great majority of the American people listen and believe in his lies and deception. People must get past the skin color of our president and the liberal giveaway programs that he has put into place and realize our country is at stake. We are being transformed, by this man, into a third word country.

I am worried. I want my grandchildren to grow up in a free enterprise system without Washington determining their future. I want a better America for them than what we are living in now. Most people can agree, it is tough getting the straight and truthful story because ninety percent of the people that report the news voted for Obama in 2008, and their reporting most always reflects their bias. As they say: "It is a Obama world". Our children and grand children's future lies in the results of the Nov. 6 election. Stop and think before you vote and look what lies ahead if this man is re-elected.

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