Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Has All The Money Gone?

If a person wants to know where all the money has gone and why are we facing such hard times this post is prepared to give you a few brief reasons why our country is in the shape that it is in.  Most Americans will agree with this article but not all. Please read it and tell me if you agree, because the people who do not agree will certainly let me know! Do not be in the Silent Majority, stand up for America and be counted!

The America people have now reached a point, in the history of this country,  where the number of people who work hard everyday, and are paying taxes, are just about the same as the number of people who pay no taxes at all, and, because of it, America today is suffering the consequences of the.  "gimmes" to from the other half that thinks this country owns them a living. When the working Americans (Better known as The Tea Party) who pay there taxes cried "enough" in the debit debate, the left responded by calling them terrorist. That puts the working American on the same level as people who try to kill us for one reason or the other! 

The sad fact of this matter is we have been heading to this point since the late 60's and early 70's. It was then that the liberals in this country, under the leadership of President Johnson started the "Great Society". to be exact it was 1964 when the bill was past. The effects of that bill started to be felt by the working man in the late 60's and early 70's and has got steady worse since then. 
If the concept of the great society was done in the right way it might have been a very good idea. I say this because there are people in this country that do need help from their fellow Americans. The elderly, people who are temporary out of work for a good reason (the key word here is temporary), and people who are in need (key word need) of help. It might have been a good plan if:

  • The designers and framers of this Bill did it for the right reason. That reason would be to just help people until they could get back on their feet. However, as most of us know, this was not the reason behind any of Congress's  decisions about the "Great Society". They saw the "Great Society" as a way for them to get votes needed for re-election to their career jobs. It was like  guaranteeing them their jobs no matter what it did to the rest of the American People.
  • The really bad flaws in this bill should have been looked at and fixed. The first flaw is there was a way for people to use this Great Society Program, but there was nothing in the Bill to design away for people to get off of the program, so people became stagnated and never tried to do better for their self, for them it is like a catch 22. There are families who have lived off the government for generations because they know no other way. There are some folks that are caught up here, that do not want to be where they are at and want better for their self. But they are few in number. Sometimes I think that this is really what the liberals want so that they would be in complete control. A socialist (communist) government that gives them absolute power. These people are more or less like people living on a big plantation (The USA) as slaves to a master (The government) that gives them everything. 
  •  We have some, not all, people who try to use the "Great Society" as a free ride. Riding the back of honest tax payers, who are footing the Bill! I'm talking about people who will not work, in any type of job, even if it was as a pie taster! That is a sad fact of where our country is at today. The case of "What you going to Gimme" has to stop if this nation is ever to survive!
  • There needs to be a plan put into place by the elected officials of this country that calls for drug testing, and some kind of public work for the people who are using the system to get out of work and to free load off the working man. If our president has, as he calls them, shovel ready jobs give them to the people who will not work and if they did not work then they do not eat. Simple as that and straight to the point.  When I was growing up my father said many a time when I got a lazy streak this: "You do not work you don't eat" I instilled that in my kids as they were growing up and now they are doing the same things with there kids. How much better off would our country be if all parents taught their children the same thing. 
 The Great Society is not the only problem to cause America to be in the shape that it is in. Our Country has been mismanaged for a very long time. The government throws money away because in reality it is not their money so they just do not care. It is, and always will be, what ever it takes for them to remain in office. As I see it here are some of the other ways this government has mismanaged the taxpayer's money.

  1. For decades America has been giving money to other nations. We are not talking about small sums of money, but it has been vast amounts of the tax payers money to help other counties. The sad fact is most of the money was and is not going to help the people of that nation, but it is going to the leaders of those countries and most of them are the mid-east countries that hate us. The leaders are becoming fat cats while their people still starve  and forever will be third world countries. Why are we still sending money to these nations?
  2. America is now just about 100% dependent on oil from other countries and most of them hate America and the very ideas for which it stands. Why are we not drilling in our own country? This would create a untold amount of jobs and lower the price of gas at the pump and oil for out homes. food prices would go down. All reports say we have more than enough oil in this country to last a life time. So why are we not drilling here?
  3. We are losing more and more jobs everyday to other countries. Companies are moving out of this country by the hundreds. This causes high unemployment and more burden on the taxpayer and why?  The government is placing so many regulations, taxes, and rules on these companies they can no longer pay the American worker a decent wage or make a profit. Once again the government is causing the problem.
  4. Never have I ever seen and heard of so many pork projects in my life and other pay outs by the tax payer that are draining this country. Get rid of those unnecessary things and we could all eat pork. This is one area of our government that is really draining this nation and the taxpayer's checkbook. While we are at it let's stop all the free hand outs of condoms and birth control pills in schools. Let's stop paying for babies to be aborted and put a stop to the government paying for some women to have untold numbers of babies, all by different fathers, and then once again paying the women to raise them. For some women this is a way of life. what a savings here!

The very last comment that I would like to make in this article is this: We need a change in leadership! not only in Congress but also in the White house. We have a man in the White House that has one failed policy after another. From Obama Care to the stimulus that did nothing to help get the economy moving. We need leadership from a leader that believes in America and not from one that is tearing down and destroying the country.


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