Thursday, June 11, 2009


The Democratic Party's outlook, for the future on elections (in my opinion) is not admirable or highly regarded. But it is very impressive and striking. That is to say this: they plan to win at any cost. Do and say whatever it takes to win. The recent chain of events has shown they will do anything to get elected. Just think about who they have associated themselves with and who is behind them. That should scare you to death! Democrats spend the taxpayers money(think about this and let it sink in) on groups like ACORN that, among other disgusting and dirty tactics, seek out Skid Row bodies and wheel them to polling places. All the Democratic National Committee needs are vans and the smelling salts. Democrats brazenly and shamelessly take policy positions and viewpoints such as more government services and amnesty for illegal immigrants - not because that is the right thing to do, but because they are bribes that they know will work for them and guarantee them the vote. They do not care that the policies will hurt the Country. They do not care about what it is doing to the economy or the security of this nation. But it is to get that vote. It is all about power. Sometimes I think (my opinion only) that the Democrat party would give out free booze, needles, methadone, and medical marijuana (in voter goodie bags) if they could get away with it, just to get that vote. Nothing is honorable any more.

Democrats a long time ago got rid of America's melting-pot ideal, you know, E Pluribus Unum ("Out of Many, One") . This was what made our country great. A person would come to this country and would learn the English language and the way of life. They would more or less melt into the American society. Most Democrats do not want this because it stops and interrupts their drive for unending rule. Splitting the country into separate distinctive groups and playing them against each other works a lot better. This is how they win. That is going to be the down fall of this country. And anyone who disagrees with them is a racist. We have seen that during this last election with Obama and we are still seeing it. If you do not agree with him you are a racist. I'm want to make it perfectly clear that I'm a conservative American, not a republican, not a democrat, I'm not a racist, I'm not a kool aid drinker and I have not feel off any turnip truck. I can see what is happening to this country and I (along with millions of other Americans) do not like the direction this country is heading in. We are living in a giveaway society. I do not care what race or color Obama is or is not. I can name at list three black men who would make great presidents and Obama is not one of them. So do not call me a racist or a sore loser.

One of the first things President Obama and the democrats tried to do was to take control of the Census Bureau. (Remember That?) This was and is an undertaking that could change the congressional districts and make certain Democratic majorities for years to come. The new president and the democrat party also made out an enemies list, focusing on conservative talk-radio hosts. He also appears to have singled out Fox News. Why Fox News? Why not ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, or some of the other news agencies? It is because Fox News is for the most part fair and balanced. That is why their ratings are always so high. These transparent political gestures were done in the middle of the economic mess that we were in and by the way that we are still in. The mainstream media excitement, over Obama, to make sure of a lasting victory for a new Democratic Party was plain to see during the campaign and still is. In other words, George Soros and acorn are in charge now. This is your new democrat party. This is what we have to look forward to. The new democrat party is not like the old democrat party of mom and pop. With people like Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Bidden, (I could go on and on) are the leaders then you got to know it is not that same old party. When elected, the Democrats gave out billions of dollars as bonuses to their basic supporters that we as taxpayers paid. Just think about the stimulus package, this is a out of the ordinary payback for big labor unions, liberal activist groups and conglomerate corporations. It would be hard pressed for me or anybody else to name a single Democratic policy that is not motivated more by dogma and their leftist attitude than winning an election by any means. They stimulated their corrupt base not the economy. That's right, the small man, the tax payer is still no better off, in fact worse, since Obama and the democrats have come to power.

The main stream media is not going to expose this transparent (one of Obama's famous and favorite words) fraud when the main stream media are in the tank for Obama and the democrats. NBC News, (whose is owned by General Electric) is getting billions in stimulus cash. So why not propagate and spread the Democrats policies. The liberal news media is at the forefront of a off the wall campaign to operate as a check on the party that is out of power (the republicans) , not the party in power (the democrats). In other words they will keep up their love affair with the Obama administration ( no need for the Viagra) There is no checks and balances to prevent them turning this country from a capitalist nation into a socialist nation where people depend on the government for everything. Needless to say there are millions of people in this country that like that idea because that is how they were raised. They think the government owes them everything. The democrats under President Johnson started this with THE GREAT SOCIETY and we have been in a downward spiral, to some degree, ever since. Obama and the democrats say we need to spread the wealth around, in other words as the old democrat saying of years ago: ".a chicken in every pot.: What happens when there is no more wealth to spread around.

With Democrats holding comfortable and secure majority in the House and Senate, as well as controlling the executive branch, it's only logical and commonsense that the mainstream media will focus their analysis and news reporting on Rush Limbaugh, former President George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and any other republican that can mount or establish a campaign against the democrat party. Why would they do this? To keep their love affair, with Obama going. They did it in the election and still do it with great skill and as long as the media has this ongoing and continuous love affair with Obama little will change. What upsets me the most is that Republicans seem to think, for some reason, Democrats can be their friends. They had better wake up and smell the coffee. If they do not get motivated things will only get worse. Listen, this country is on a downward spiral that will soon not be able to be reversed. We are headed to being a socialist nation real fast were the government has control over every part of your life. It is getting close to that now. There will soon, if not already, will be no more checks and balances in our government, because liberal democrats own the store.

In the next election, things need to be considerably a whole lot different. The Republican Party will not survive and continue in existence, if it doesn't recognize the truth that the Democrats are its adversary and not just its opponent, There is a big difference there. They must realize that they must begin to play for keeps. That means telling it like it is and stop trying to play by the rules because the other boys (the democrats) have not played by the rules for years and they just about have the whole bag of marbles. This is not the democrat party of old. This party has thrown the rules out the door and just look at what we got. An arrogant, yes we can, president that some people think is the messiah. A president, with the help of the democrat party and some rubber legged liberal republicans is turning our great country into a socialist nation. The near end of freedom as we know it and the start of socialism, which is no more than communism, is creeping up on us fast. These may be hard words but they are the truth.

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Christina said...

"Splitting the country into separate distinctive groups and playing them against each other works a lot better. This is how they win." ('they' = Democratic party)

Not clear on something here. Is this statement referring to an assortment of groups, or the 2-party system? If the system, why would it stop working now, when America grew great through its operation?

Now I understand why FOX News gets trashed - that always floors me, I think FOX News Sunday rocks ! Now that I think about it, the incident in mind was a Dem who seemed to really hate FOX.

I have to agree with your ending socialism comment. I thought I was way out there in left-field, or ozone air space somewhere, when I had that thought just a few days ago. I'm very leery of gov't. health care plans, for one thing. YEARS ago I heard a commercial on the radio, that no one else seemed to have heard, and it was frightening. "Oddly", it never re-aired. Really creepy.

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