Sunday, March 3, 2013

THE DICTATOR: Divide And Conquer

I’m a not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat, I’m a conservative, a registered independent voter, and a person that wants the best for America. We are certainly not getting that with Obama as our current president. I’m just plain sick and tired of every conservative, me included, being bad mouthed by Obama everyday as he makes his trips to different areas of our country, at the tax payers expense, on Air Force One, either for a vacation or still campaigning for higher taxes and more spending. In his tirades, everything wrong in this country is due to the Republicans, before that it was George W. Bush. When is it ever going to be his fault?

Obama has fashioned and twisted our country into a divided land where division never existed before 2009! Divide and conquer is the name of his game.Young single women against married women, young voters against senior citizens, ethnic group against ethnic group, the middle class against the upper class. He is really callous in disapproving millionaires, who are successful people who through hard work and perseverance have managed to accumulate a good income.

It is time for Obama to get serious about our financial problems, the staggering debt of this country and the unstable world that we live in. These problems need serious consideration, not campaign jazz and words that bring the applause from a sympathetic and staged audience. Obama makes no attempt, except comments in front of a doting audience, to communicate or even talk to Congress. He does not care about because he unabashedly states if Congress doesn’t pass what he wants, He will do it by executive order. My question to the reader is this, now that the election is over what did we elect in November, a president or a king?

So will he be the first dictator of this country? Will he be the first king? Since he has been in office we are losing more of our rights every day. The government ordered gun control, government heath control, more and more people depending on the government every day for food or a place to live. More and more ammo is being bought for homeland security while the the citizen can buy less and less. Just a thought, you decide!

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