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If we look at the history of the world we can see worshiping political leaders is not a new thing. It has always been done. From the Egyptians  and their Pharaoh to the Romans and their Caser, to Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong the population of those countries were called on to worship their leaders like Gods.  Dominus et Deus Noster, “Our Lord and God” was attributed to the Roman emperor to Domitian, who served as Emperor from AD 81 to 96. And throughout the Bible we can see the same thing happening. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that we have certain civic leaders and news magazines in America who are promoting this very same thing with Obama. It is called the blind leading the blind.

The paternal state, with Obama and his liberal friends at the head, not only feeds the children, but nurtures, educates, comforts, and disciplines them, providing all they need for their security. They get free everything. The people think that they do not need anybody else. What is really happening here is this; All this transforms and turns the government from being a gift of God, given to protect us against violence and evil, as we can all read in God’s Word, into an idol and another God as many people are seeing it. People see the government as the one that supplies us with all blessings, and people look to the government and its leaders for all their needs. Once we sink to that level, there is no point in telling government officials to mind their own business because ‘Our lives are their business from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. We are beginning to live on a big plantation with Obama as the supreme ruler.

The paternal ways of the government is that of the parent who wants his children dependent on them forever. The citizens become parasites until they suck the blood and the life right out of the country. That is an evil desire straight from the very pits of hell. A good parent prepares his children for independence, to be free and to make their own decisions and to take care of their self. A good parent or a good government trains the people to make responsible decisions, knows that he harms them by not helping them to break loose. The paternal government thrives on the citizen that depends on them for all their needs.

When a government supplies everything to the people, like the Obama administration, people have little need, or do they want, to do things for their self. So the very people who the civil war was fought for, in this country, where thousands upon thousands of people died to set people free, and the civil right marches of the sixties will soon mean nothing because we will all (black and white) be on the big government plantation and depending on the government for everything. When the dependents free themselves, the government loses power. It is, therefore, parasitic on the very persons whom it turns into parasites.

Thus, the country and its dependents march in close union with one another to destruction looking to the great Obama as their anointed one, the provider of all things.


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