Friday, March 15, 2013

AMERICA: Needs A Leader Not A Want To Be King!

As I read the papers and watch the news on TV I truly do think that Obama thinks he is king. He is beginning to do whatever he wants when he wants. Anybody that has the audacity to sign into law 23 executive orders violating our Second Amendment rights has to think he is a king or is trying to lay the groundwork to be king. Obama is determined to destroy our second amendment rights.

Obama uses executive orders like kings of old did when they proclaimed a new law. Obama will ram a new law through, by executive order just about every time his liberal friends cannot get it passed through congress. This arrogance is classic of Obama. When Congress failed to support his “Cap-and-Tax”scam, Obama attempted to use regulatory fiat to put his plan into place. From invading Libya without the approval of Congress, to the so called “Dream Act,” Obama has a history, since he has been in office, of abusing executive powers to inflict his will on the American people.

America doesn’t want a king. America wants a leader who will listen to the people and do what they want, not what he wants. Our founding fathers fought a revolution to stop this kind of abuse. They created our constitution that empowered the people to be the fourth check and balance against tyrannical government, and set into place our second amendment as the means for enforcement.

The Second Amendment has never has been about hunting. It is about the people having the means to resist the government, when the government makes resistance necessary. This country’s Second Amendment is not open to discussion. Thomas Jefferson said: “The second amendment will never be needed more, then when they try to take it away.”

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