Sunday, February 3, 2013

How Did You Vote?

During the past presidential election there was a lot of lies that was being used, the same ones that were used in the past and are still being used by the Democratic Party. That is the only thing they are good at because everything else that they try to do is either bad for America or just plain out and out lies.

The biggest mistake that the Republican Party made in 2012 was not the candidate or the agenda that was proposed and put forth. The real problem was overestimating the voter’s intelligence on matters of major importance and what has been just gross fabrications or the real facts. Some of these fables included the out and out lies such as the war on women, outlawing contraceptives, and even unlawful rape and the Truth included “no tax dollars for women’s contraceptives. Voter fraud in this last presidential election was widespread beyond belief. The lies by the Democrats was beyond belief.

Military personnel’s vote was not counted because of the late ballot delivery by the government, and untimely (or should we say convenient for the Democratic Party) airplane crashes. Voting machines. All across the country had glitches” replacing a vote for Romney with a big X for Obama. It went on in just about every state.

Obama got his crucial victory from the Americans who are on welfare, food stamps, unemployment (not all of them, but most of them), Unions, and those who got federal wages and pensions, and all those waiting for their version of Obama phones. The past election was a sad day for America. Obama won the past election by a vast majority of people who had a case of the “Give mes”. They know nothing about the security of this nation, or the nation’s economy, most of them have no sense of any work ethic, or do they know what is the best for this country. It was a case of what was Obama was going to give them. Their vote was sure not for this country.

Romney only offered economic recovery, progress, a strong military, and jobs restore America’s people and the country's pride. The truly sad thing is the Democrats no longer understand pride, because it’s something earned and can’t be given or handed out for free, and what is even more even sadder, our great nation is being destroy by a man that wants just that.

The American people have voted a man into the highest office in our land that is dismantling our nation piece by piece and no one cares because he is giving them a free cell phone as well as other freebies that are paid for by the working people of this country.

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