Friday, January 25, 2013

OBAMA: The Third Term

Many people, including myself, have always said that Obama would try to fix it so he could have a third or fourth term as president. Maybe even ban elections for president and become this country's first dictator. You might say that is unconstitutional, but let me ask you this question, “When has a little thing like the constitution or anything else for that matter ever stopped Obama in doing what he wants?”  Why should he not, run for a third term when he can steal elections, decree executive orders for anything one wants, has the power to detain anyone without due process, and is already running the country the same way a dictator would run it, and go on endless expensive vacations paid for by our taxes? That sure sounds like a want to be dictator to me.

Obama’s plans for America cannot be finished by the next election (2016) The plan of his is a simple one, the tearing down and dismantling in his mind of the colonial, military-loving, richest superpower of America. To dismantle and destroy the country of our forefathers and our very way of life is his agenda. After all he is his father’s son and what was his father’s views. To get himself reelected again (There is no mistake about it, he is already out there campaigning again), Obama and his cronies could stir up unrest, put the “haves” against the “have nots”, assess higher taxes on all the rich and declare Martial Law, and therefore suspend the the 2016 election indefinitely (or just decide he will run regardless.) He already does what he wants with little to no opposition. You may think that I’m going overboard in this article but as time goes by you will see that this article is not to far off base.

The Republican Party has become a joke and weak against Obama. I say that since the Republicans have taken no action on all the illegal things that Obama has already done and all the lies he has told. Obama and his hand-grown, and hand picked liberal media will continue to demonize and put down the Republicans all the time, as he and the liberal media did in the Mitt Romney campaign, until we possibly lose the control of the House of Representatives in 2014. If that happens Obama then for two long years, will have full control again over Congress. Who will stop this man? So far, no one has stopped his Hitler type march to take over our country. Hitler lied, took the guns away, used the children to benefit his purposes and what is Obama doing? Could it be because he is untouchable since he is black and people are afraid of being called a racist? Could it be all the freebies that he is handing out to the weak minded, the lazy, who do not and will not work.

Americans are living in a far more dangerous world than they ever have been, with the leader of our country (knowingly and on purpose) severely weakening America. There is not doubt in my mind that conservatives and Christians will be black listed down the road if Obama is allowed to continue, The things and events that are happening in America reminds me of Hitler’s Germany during world war two when the Jews were blacklisted, when the youth and children were used to promote Hitler’s programs. Obama is already in the very process using his executive power to remove all guns from our country. He says not all guns but how can you believe a liar and a deceiver. I can’t. When the guns are gone then he will have a free hand to do what he wants.

No matter what is given as proof, we the American people really do not know where he was born, or for that matter anything about him. Only what the liberal press tells us. Have we ever found out why he has so many social security cards with so many different names? He has lied to us from the very start. He has promised a transparent government. (LIE) Nothing is transparent about him, his administration, or what he does.

Finally in closing this article we must ask the question who would vote for this man. The answer is simple. First it is no one who wants to preserve a country based on the constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is people that will vote for him because of his skin color and for no other reason, people who truly hate what this country stands for, people who want something for nothing, and people who just do not know the issues and the younger generation who think that he is cool. They will soon find out how cool he is when the end of this great nation is at hand and we are living in the real Obama world.

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