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For The Life Of Me!

For the life of me I will never understand how Barrack Obama can sell his philosophy and his beliefs of communism with no trouble at all in this nation? I cannot understand how a great nation like America can so easily taken down the trail of destruction by a man who is promoting a belief contrary to the constitution, To the founding fathers and a form of slavery, that has never worked, has never helped or moved mankind forward, and has never made any person or country on this earth better off or safer. It makes people poor, with no freedoms, and puts them into the very throes of slavery. Obama is a man that no one really can say, in all honestly, where he came from. No one for sure knows if his birth certificate is real or not real. Can you say and be sure if he is a Christian or a Muslim. Do you believe that he is a truthful person? But yet this man is our president!
In this nation, called America, there are those who support, demand, and want this insanity called communism. Making matters worse is the problem and the reality that our current elected president Obama is not “preserving and protecting” the constitution like he is sworn to do. But instead he is working as fast as he can whenever the “event, or crisis” occurs to get around and outwit the citizens of the very protections of the individual liberty the constitution enforces. What is he trying to do? His father was a communist. Does that tell you anything? He is doing his best to dismantle this country as we know it and turn it into a communist country with him being the dictator. He already over steps congress with executive orders that applies to every American. He is even called the savior by many. God help us. He already wants to be the sole one in charge of this countries debt ceiling and as far as the second amendment he is working overtime to abolish that even though he tries in his sly way to say he is not. He has the power to detain any American citizen as long as he wants to without due process. Sounds like a want to be dictated to me.
What should we as American citizens really expect from our government and this man called Obama? It sure is an interesting fact that the building and creating of our nation’s government, while in the planning stages recognized the greatest danger that the citizens of America will always face. It is the infection of those who do not believe in this nation’s form of government, like Obama who along with the news media, the liberal government, and the elected officials that work on a continual day to day plan to destroy the constitutional protection that all Americans are guaranteed from the time of their birth. If Americans do not soon stand up and say enough is enough then we will not have no more America as we know it.
Why can’t there be just a plain and simple litmus test of what this Obama administration, and this congress can do and also what they have accomplished? Name just one single thing, not twenty things, not ten things, or even five things, but one thing this government of Mr. Obama has done over the past four years, or name one thing that they have predicted that will advance or help this nation? If you do the research just like I did, there is a very simple answer. There is none. Whatever he does or promotes he is sinking this nation more and more down under and he knows it. This nation is on a fast track to destruction with Obama being the great destroyer.
Yet if the American people ask the question; What are the things that have been put into place by the Obama administration and this congress that are nothing more but the start of this nation’s destruction. The answer is everything that has been proposed by Obama and inundated in our society by him and his liberal friends in congress the last four years. But the people will still follow him like the rats following the pied piper.
How can people, that was given the understanding of what makes a man free over the centuries and for the most part reach the accepted idealism of this nation reject that which makes them free and then accept the mental psychopathic demands of a philosophy with the history behind it I will never know. The direction that Barrack Obama is taking this nation will only bring heartache, death and darkness to our society and it is beyond all normal and sane understanding.
There is a problem in America. We have too many who are not true Americans. By not true Americans I mean the people who will not and do not uphold and believe in the constitution of theses United States. Their idea of the role of the federal government is to steal from others their freedoms guaranteed to them in the constitution in the form of gun control, more and more taxes, and a country that depends on the government for everything. A country that has no God and wants no God. 


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