Friday, November 16, 2012

The Obama Mandate

  Just days after winning the election,  Obama has announced, to the country that his victory gave him a mandate (A go-ahead) to raise taxes on the “rich.” In other words, to put it in terms that you can understand, take from one and give to the other. He had better think  again? That was a two and-a-half-point election. It reflected a clearly divided electorate. The only mandate I saw was to unite a divided country. One of the incredible things about America is that the middle class people do not hate the rich. We were not a society divided by hate or by financial classes until Obama was elected president. I will be the first one to say, there are real issues as the split between the rich class and the middle class is growing, there is no doubt about that. We have a man in the White House who causes that. I have found out in my lifetime you only get what you work and strive for. This is a nation that is open to all its citizens, to excel, and become what they want to be. What a person does with that is up to them. There are some that will always look for a hand out or cry about the rich and what the rich have and what they don’t have.

At sixty six years old I have seen plenty of this in my life. I come from a family that really did not have much. We were not poor because we had food on the table,clothes on our back and shoes on our feet. We were taught at a very early age to work and to better ourselves to the best of our ability. I started out working in the fields as day labor making seventy five cents an hour and every chance I got I did my best to move forward, always wanting to do better. I worked hard and studied every night for at least four hours to become what I wanted to be in this life. I passed the state electrical test, which is a four hour test, and started my own business. I struggled for years but I did not quit. I finally had a business that employed six people. Six people who counted on me for a paycheck and work. When I retired, I retired to a place of my own on an acre of ground that no one bought for me. Now because of the Obama economy I will still have to work to keep it. Never once did I cry out about the rich having it all and me having nothing. I have learned in my lifetime that whatever state I’m in only I can make it better. That same thing holds true for all Americans. Nothing of any value is free.

Obama has started his new term in office with what can be plain to see as a war between the classes. His mandate is to drive the American people apart for his purpose. There was no mandate for him to tax the rich more. The only mandate that needs to happen is one to draw the American people back together again, not to turn us against one another. It is plain to see here, by anybody that has any vision at all, the only mandate that Obama has, has been his own which can be read in His book, THE DREAMS OF HIS FATHER,. That mandate is to turn this country into a communist country with no freedoms and the people depending on the government for everything. A failed concept that has been proven wrong in any country that it was tried in.  

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Elizabeth said...

Amen! I've never met you but I'm proud of the man you seem to be.

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