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OBAMA - A Lot To Be Concerned About

Most conservative voters are concerned mainly about the economy of America since the re-election of Obama, but we must also seriously must also consider and think about the security of this nation and that of our ally, Israel. Obama is, for the most part giving the Muslim terrorist in the middle east a free pass, while at the same time ignoring Israel and her security. 

About a month ago Obama gave Egypt almost $400 million in military aid. Why does Egypt need military aid?  Please tell me who Egypt’s enemies are and what they need to defend against. Americans should have answers for these kinds of questions.  We gave Egypt all this money and what do we get in return? Are they our Ally ? Are they our friend? NO! There is no return for any of the money that we give them.  At least the money that the nation of Israel receives from us we get a return on. We get something back. We receive intelligences about our enemies from them, they share technology with us, and they stand firmly behind us in the problems of the world, especially the middle east. 

What comes into question with me, and I might add millions of other Americans, is why we are giving all this money to a country that is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, Who is the people behind Hamas, who as we all know is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel. These are the people who are on a mission to get rid of the big and little Satan. Why would the Obama administration even consider giving these people money that America does not have? The Muslim Brotherhood has already said that they are against anything that the United States stands for and they will make changes to the peace treaty between the United States and Egypt.  I ask again; “Why are we giving our enemy money to these people?” 

Ever since Obama has held the office of president he has openly snubbed Israel and that county's leader, Netanyahu.  On one visit to the White House Netanyahu was ushered in the back door. Just recently Obama refused to see Netanyahu when Netanyahu request a meeting about the security of both nations, while they were both in New York. Obama opted instead to go on one of the TV shows. This is very serious and people should wake up and take notice. I, sincerely, hope that the people that voted for Obama know that they just could be voting for the destruction of not only Israel, but the United States also. To the people who voted for Obama, did you know there was dancing and rejoicing in the streets of Palestine because you re-elected Obama as your president. Now that is scary! Our enemy rejoicing over who you elected as president. They are rejoicing because a slack president and a weak America will be a big plus for them as they continue their war against us.  

Obama is either to weak to solve the all-important problems of the middle east or he has a hidden agenda. I will go with the hidden agenda. I believe that he is a in the closet Muslim. When America re-elected Obama as president they lost all since of values. Obama and the people in his administration, as well as his shadow government, have nothing new to say about the problems in the middle east. He has nothing new to say to Iran or to the rest of the world. This country and the world are still in danger from these people. With Obama it will be the same old policy of appeasement. A policy that will destroy our country.  It does not take much for the person with just a little common to see that Obama has a hidden agenda and it is not one of protecting this country, Israel, or the world.  Much danger will be on the horizon for the world because of the man who has just been re-elected to the White House. 

A Iranian newspaper Etemaad  printed a list of the advantages to Iran of an Obama re-election.  The newspaper also went on to say: "The re-election of Obama will be a nightmare for the people in Israel, particularly for Netanyahu, because Obama has had the worst relationship with Israel of any past president before him. The paper went on to praise Obama's policy concerning The Arab Spring, it also said: "It was the Democrats that went along with the changes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya," and the paper also added this : "If the Republicans had been in the White House, their attention and strategy about the changes in the Arab World would have been completely different." 

It troubles me about Obama''s re-election because he is a man that acts like a Muslim, talks the Muslim talk, and takes the side of the Muslims every time leaving Israel out in the cold. I think some day soon the closet door will open and we will see a Muslim Obama come out and then it will be a long four years before he is gone, that is if he goes! 


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