Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This article is not written with hate, but one of disbelief, hurt and sadness for our country. For more years of Obama. How could this ever come to be? Four more years for this man to complete his hidden agenda. The answer of how this could be is simple. We now have a majority of people, who see the government as their keeper, and the provider of all things. They cannot see past their case of the “What you going to give me”, to see the things which has made America strong. All the things that goes against the very core of American values has re-elected a president who has for the past four years lead this nation to the very brink of destruction with his polices and agenda. Now he has another four years to finish the job that he has started. The complete destruction of America. Bit by bit and piece by piece. This country was at a historic crossroads, on November 6, and the path the voters choose has determined the future of this country far beyond the next four years. They have determined not only our future but the future of our grand kids also.
The vote of hard working Americans, The Christian values, and the spirit that once made this country great are no more. The family unit is just about gone and we as a nation are facing the grim fact that the America we all grew up in will soon be no longer and a new America that has been forming for the last four years under the leadership of Obama will soon become the new America. A socialist country that will have far less constitution rights for every American which will have a far reaching effect on every American, more so on the Conservative Christian.
Obama promised in his speech after, winning his second term, to reach across the isles and work with others. This will never happen. I say this because Obama is narcissistic, He is a person that has a inflated ego of how great he is and how important he is. If he did not work with the other side of the isle his last term he will not do it this time. There will be nothing to stop him these next four years. I'm very afraid for America and her future. Obama ran the most negative campaign in the history of this country, one filled with proven lies, deceit, hate, revenge, and rage. Obama said together we can, but I'm here to tell you together we can if it his way. He forgot to add in that last part.
This was not a election won on the values handed down to us by our fore fathers and our Christian beliefs. Not one of what we can do for America. But what will America do for the voters that re-elected Obama. What will America do for them? I suppose the majority of the people who voted for Obama are looking forward to their Christmas stockings filled with even more hand outs and freebies. The rest of his voters are looking forward to their perverted agenda of homosexual rights and more government funding of abortion. It is truly a said day for America because the real values that elect a president are not in the winning column.
So what will we have to look forward to in the next four years? Obamacare, open borders, out of site gas prices, more terrorism within our borders (excuse me, Work place violence), more small businesses going out of business, higher taxes to help spread the wealth around to people who will not work and for the most part never have worked. We will see more and more socialistic values put into place, more government control, more gun control or the banning of guns altogether. Policies that have not worked in any country they have been tried in. We will see more and more laws passed that go against the laws of God and lawlessness will soon abound in this country. A smaller military to combat the enemies of our country. Yep, my friends there are the facts of our future!

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