Wednesday, September 12, 2012

AMERICA’S FUTURE: Will It Be God Or gods?

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The Democrats made public during their convention that they had removed God from their democratic platform. In defense of the party, a Democrat National Convention spokesperson said that some might find God offensive.  Oh really, just who will God offend? Is it your party’s base of homosexuals, abortionist, atheist, agnostics, and the list could go on!  After much bad publicity about not having God as a part of their platform and not wanting Him at their convention, a vote was taken to include God. Even though the voice vote, plainly and strongly reflected the majority of the people there; they wanted the God of Moses, Abraham, Jacob, and our ancestors left out of their platform, they allowed God back in their convention platform, but only as a passenger, a chair warmer, an on looker, not the driver. In an interview, Senator Dick Durbin, a democrat from Illinois, was asked why the DNC took God out of their party platform, and he replied, “Don’t accuse the Democrats of being godless.” After thinking on what he said, Folks, I have to agree with the senator. Senator Durbin is right by no means, is the Democrat party godless; Besides their messiah (Obama) their party also has a  god, yes, a nanny government promising miracles from taxpayers of  handouts from cradle to grave rather than a hand up so people can help their own self.

On the other side there are 23 million unemployed and underemployed people who seek a living God that is a problem solver. It is those that are paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas, and those who just saw the nation’s debt ticker tape roll past 16 trillion dollars that know it is a failure of Barack Obama’s leadership.” Sadly, for those of you that are worshiping the god of the Democrat party, the Obama ship of hope and change lost its rudder and leadership from the very first day that he was in office,somewhere on a local golf course. Our nation’s oval office (the highest office in the land) has had an empty chair for four years. Clint Eastwood was laughed at by some people by his speech at the Republican Convention, but he was not to far off base. On November 6, 2012 we the people of this great country, we the taxpayers (the one who pays the bills), will unite in unity as one voice to sign Barack Obama’s last pay check and provide him free airfare back to Chicago, and just maybe his old job, you know the one, of community organizer will still be available.

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