Friday, September 7, 2012

Are You One Of Those Mesmerized Voters?

obama voters In 2008, Obama campaigned for change. No one checked into his background or seemed to cared about his 20 years association with a radical preacher and other radicals and terrorists who preached hate of the United States and its people; nor did they care that his birth status and religion were questionable and still are; or that his senatorial terms were non-productive. In other words he did absolutely nothing ; or that he had no military or foreign policy experience. Apparently those who elected him were mesmerized by his personality and promise of change. I wonder how some of them like the change? What else could it have been? They were duped. During his three-and-a-half-year administration, the federal debt rose to $5.2 trillion; 13 million citizens are out of work; 100 million
citizens are on welfare or receiving entitlements; 46 million are on food stamps and still growing; millions have lost their homes; small business are being forced to lay off workers or close due to government regulations; auto bailouts cost taxpayers $25 billion; $716 billion was cut from Medicare; $787 billion was wasted on stimulus plans, and Obama is considering another stimulus. He wants to create a federal police force. Where have I heard that before in the past? Severe cuts in
defense spending and Washington’s leaks of extremely crucial security information has put our nation and military in jeopardy. On occasion, more than once, Obama has aligned himself with Islamic idealism. To gain votes, Obama is giving millions of illegal immigrants work permits. These immigrants will take jobs which young American’s need and deserve. His next gift to immigrants will be Social Security, free medial care and education, and driver’s licenses.  The Wall Street Journal has rightly stated; “Obama has divided America on the basis of race, class and partisanship.” Voters are you still mesmerized? Wake up

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