Wednesday, November 16, 2011

AMERICA: Liberty Or Temporary Safety

The American people, or should I say the most of them, wants to be safe in their homes or wherever they are at. It is a overwhelming desire on their part to be safe. Safety is a important fact and fundamental part of person’s well being after we satisfy the basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and other basic things. In order for us to flourish and prosper we need to have our basic needs met, our spiritual needs met, and then people are able to center their attention on other needs and wants.  Our government has been trying (as they try to point out) to insure the American people more safety by trying to take away more and more of their rights and liberties as Americans and given more liberties to people who are bent on destroying ours.

How can a government balance a person’s freedom and safety? Ben Franklin said this;  “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” What Ben Franklin said is not only extremely important, but one for every American to think about and keep in mind, because if you are willing to give up your freedoms to have a little more safety then you don’t deserve to have freedom or safety. It is that simple, a no brainer, for those of us who understand the American way of life. We must take a stand against for some of the things that are happening in this country.

Why would Ben Franklin say such a thing? It starts by understanding the price that he and the other founding fathers paid, and also all those who fought for our freedoms since then in places and wars from the revolutionary war, to the civil war, the first world war, the second world war, Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, and all the wars in between,  for you and I to have the most free country in the world to enjoy and live in. Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers have given their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy in this country today.  Everyone of these soldiers, with unwritten and unspoken words, understood a very important thing and it is this,  to have freedom there has to be risks. Life, no matter what country you live in or your station in life, is full of risks and we clearly want to reduce those threats, but the questions is; “At what cost are you willing to give up freedoms for a little temporary safety”?   At what cost are we willing to stop the chaos in our country?

No matter where you live you can never be free with no risks and dangers. There is not a single country {to the best of my knowledge} on this earth without crime. Some countries may have more crime than other countries, and many people like to point out the high crime rate in the United States as a reason to take away the freedoms others have fought and died for.  Americans should and must understand that a common weapon of crime, the gun, is only a non-living object, and cannot make one person kill another person.  Before there were guns, it was swords and clubs that were used to kill, rocks before that, and who knows before that. Murder and crime has been going on since Cain and Able.

The government, and some other groups of people wants all guns banned. That would be great if we lived in a world of our own, but we don’t! People still overlook the real reason of the violent behavior and bloodshed and that is the nature of some people. We ignore and close the eyes to the fact that some people will always kill other people. Until this life is over that is the way it will be. No matter how “civilized” we think that we have become, cruel people will hurt and kill others in spite of  any laws that are in place. When people disregard their own personal responsibility and blame a gun, knife, or any other non breathing thing for the actions of a person who used it, we weaken and reduce our worth and importance as human beings and individuals to decide the way we act. 

We should all remember that the bad guys (criminals, terrorist) don’t care one bit about America as a whole. That includes you and your families. Some people would rather kill you than have to do anything else to get what they want.  No amount of education or training will change these people’s way of thinking.  There is no way of helping people who believe when they are killing someone and they die they are on their way to heaven where all these virgins are waiting for them. These people live in every city. The fact is, it’s the people that ignore these bad people that have created and shaped the ungodly chaos we are in. If we, as a people want the crime and the acts of terrorism in this country to fall then let us make people be accountable for their actions (remembering that all actions have consequences and then {and only then} will the crime rates and the acts of terrorism go down.  

As our freedoms are being taking away more every day, the people who come here illegally are giving more and more freedoms every day.  How can we count on the law enforcement agencies to protect us when some of them are being sentence to prison by our government for doing their jobs? How can our government protect us from terrorism when they will not call it what it is, “TERRORISM” and  allow the very people who are behind it to dictate the policy of this country?  Their laws and their way of life is being forced on the American people more and more every day.  Here a little and there a little our freedoms as we know them are being taken away.

Sorry to say, there are many people who feel that it is an outrage to think this way and will sit and watch their family get injured, hurt, killed and hope someone else will show up to stop it.  Remember this the world is an ugly place with some ugly people. Until the people of this great nation go back to the  principles that this nation was founded on, and they are; GOD, GUNS, AND GUTS, {in that order} this nation will continue to slide into the mire.

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