Sunday, April 25, 2010

Way To Go Arizona!

image Obama says the government must enact immigration reform at the national level or leave the door open to irresponsibility by others. He and some of his predecessors are the ones who are irresponsible! The illegals should not be allowed to cross the border to begin with. He says a failure to act will lead to more of what he called "misguided" efforts like an immigration bill in Arizona. How can a bill be misguided when it is done to protect the United States Citizens living in that state. People are being murdered, robbed, and drugs abound while Our president and his cronies do nothing. Somebody has to do something and I'm glad to see Arizona's governor has the guts to do something. The bill will require police to question people about their immigration status if there's reason to suspect they're in the country illegally. What is wrong with that when there is all the crime there that is caused mostly by illegals. Obama says he has instructed his administration to examine the Arizona bill to see if it violates people's civil rights. What about the rights of the citizens living there? What about their safety?

The only reforms this president wants or is interested in is amnesty and open borders. That is the fastest way for the Democrats to build up their welfare dependent voter base. That is a plain fact. Arizona has repeatedly asked for help and enforcement from Obama only to be told to shut up and let us take care of it, because it is a federal issue. I applaud the state of Arizona for doing something towards dealing with the problem of ILLEGAL immigrants disregarding the law and entering our country without permission. Maybe then, New Mexico and Texas would follow what Arizona has done because Obama and the congress that we have now will never put a stop to it. The state of California is hopeless; They will never do anything because they're are to busy condemning the Boy Scouts. If the illegals want to go to a different country so bad, lets give them free rides to North Korea or the Iranian border and let them cross over illegally there. Of course, those countries deal with people crossing their borders without a passport a little differently than this weak kneed Obama. They ENFORCE their immigration laws! So does Mexico. Read what happens on the southern borders of Mexico to the Columbians who cross the Mexican border illegally. The Mexicans should do the same thing to their northern border, but that is a joke.

If progressive Democrats can't destroy America straight out, then they will do it by weakening the citizens of this country with illegals and putting tax loads on the citizens to support the "rights" of the illegals. When will the people ever wake up. WE SHOULD NOT BE RAISING TAXES AND TAKING AWAY FROM THE TAX PAYORS OF THIS COUNTRY BEFORE WE DEPORT THE ALIEN PARASITE FEEDING OFF OUR SYSTEM, OUR TAXES, OUR MEDICAL SYSTEM, AND OUR KINDESS!

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