Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Matter How You Look At It.


No matter how you look at it, it is socialism. A short time ago Congress enacted a new law, which is so bad and difficult it will not be able to be endured. What am I talking about? Our congress passed Obama Care, or I should say, one political party passed it, against what the majority of the American people wanted. The restructuring of our health care system is a shocking unjustifiable and uncalled-for act against the majority of the American People, by a congress that just does not care about what the American people want . I call it the Harry Reid – Nancy Pelosi - Obama take over.

It orders and directs that every American must buy health insurance, under IRS scrutiny. You will be under the IRS’s careful and thorough examination and inspection. Now who wants that. It sets up an army of federal bureaucrats who ultimately decide for you how you should receive Health Care, what kind, and how much…or whether you don’t qualify at all. Never has our government claimed the power to decide when each of us has lived well enough or long enough to be refused life-saving medical assistance. If you are a unborn baby or a elderly person then you are in serious trouble with Obama Care. That is a fact just read different parts of this massive bill.

Our great nation was once a free nation dedicated to the life and freedom of every person but this reform that is taking place in our country is taking the American people on a long decline toward the same weakness that the social welfare states of Europe have become. They depend on their government for everything. Soon our entire existence will be focused on the government.

These foolish and reckless leaders in our nation’s capitol have run up scandalous debts with no limits that will crush the jobs and shut down our nation’s prosperity. With our nation’s jobless over ten percent these people are putting more on the backs of American people. Small business , in this country, is in trouble. The government has become taskmasters, that we serve, instead of elected officials that serve us. The American people should vote these reckless out of office and a new government elected to allow the American people to live within their means? The question for all Americans is this: do we want to live in a European style welfare system or do we want to have the confidence and assurance that our fore fathers had in the idea that limitless and unrestrained opportunities belong to the workers, the builders, the industrious, and the free people of a free country? This country is becoming a nation of free loaders that depend on government for everything.

This country’s leaders are taking the country down a new road that creates entitlements and promising benefits that makes this country just like the European Union: a welfare state society where most people pay little or no taxes but become dependent on government benefits … where tax reduction is impossible because more people have a stake in the welfare state than in free enterprise … where high unemployment is accepted as a way of life, and the spirit of risk-taking is choked and kept in check by a snarl of red tape from an all-providing federal government. All this for the great society of people who want it all but not the work that goes with it.

What kind of nation do we want to be? What kind of society will we hand down to our children and future generations? In the coming election we will have the chance to decide, our nation is at stake. We will choose one of two different paths. And once we make that choice, there is no turning back.

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