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No Truer Words Ever Spoken


In the final days leading up to the vote on Obama’s Health Care Bill Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” NO TRUER WORDS WERE EVER SPOKEN! Now that this Obama Health Care Bill has passed it is now slowly dawning on people what this new law means for the American people. Obama Care does away with a lot of state regulations and permanently changes the state’s insurance market. It also takes away the right of choice. This is taking control away from the states and the people and places control in the hands of the federal government. No wonder a lot of states are suing the federal government over this bill. From now on the federal government will manage and control health care for all Americans. This new Obama Health Care Law contains a complex mess of mandates, price controls, tax increases, and subsides, which is more or less very confusing. But everything the federal government does is confusing.

Federal officials will now decide what kind of insurance the American people must have, what medicine they will take, what treatments they are allowed to have and what treatments we are not allowed to have. Early reporting say that Obama, Bidden, senior members of congress such as Reid and Pelosi, the cabinet, and certain other leadership are exempt from Obama Care. Why is this new health care not good enough for them. If it is good enough for the rest of us, why is it not good enough for them? This new Health Care Bill falls real short of being universal and a bill that covers everybody.

Americans will start paying taxes on Obama Health Care starting this year along with a lot of new taxes (at least nineteen new taxes)that are included in the bill, while most of the so called benefits will not kick in until the year 2014. Here is a quick rundown of what Americans can expect in the coming years. A citizen will pay a penalty of $695 per year or 2.5 percent of their annual income every year if they cannot prove to the IRS that they have Obama Health Insurance. A family will pay $347 per child up to $2250 per family if they cannot show or prove they have this new health care. Employers will fork out $2000 per employee if their employees do not have this insurance. In other words you will have this Obama Care or else.

Obama Care imposes a 3.8 percent annual tax on all investments. This tax will hit some senior citizens on fixed incomes and people with IRAs or 401k plans real hard. So there goes any money that you want to invest. There will also be a increase on Medi Care taxes, a 3.8 percent taxes on new homes. This equals to $7600 on a house selling for $200,00, a 2.9 percent tax on medical aid devices. There will be a 10 percent federal tax on services at a tanning salon. Business owners will collect this tax and send it to the federal government. All this will be enforced by over 16,500 new IRS auditors, agents, and investigators to increase enforcement of Obama’s new health care. This will also be paid for by your tax dollars. Welcome to Obama’s new socialist order. Obama and his regime are on the move. A new establishment is being formed right in front of our eyes. WE ONLY HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL IT ALL PASSES BEFORE WE AND OUR KIDS CAN READ ABOUT IT OR WHAT WE WILL BE ALLOWED TO READ.


Anonymous said…
This whole thing about "Obama Care" is making me sick. I'm taking two asprin before I go to bed and when I wake up I hope this was all a terrible dream, Obama included!
Anonymous said…
In the end we will not even be able to take the asprin.

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