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The World of Appeasement

With our new president tying the hands of the CIA and doing away with the words, "WAR ON TERROR" and telling the world how sorry he is for how arrogant the United States is he is building a bridge of appeasement that will come falling down on our heads. With the exception of Al Qaeda, no terrorist organization on earth is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Hezbollah: They started their murderous activities during 1983 when one of their suicide bombers drove a truck loaded with explosives into the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans. Sad to say some younger Americans do not even remember that fatal encounter because of their age. Some were not even born then. I believe it is the duty of every American to tell of these events to our children and if need be their children, because Hezbollah is putting out their lies and propaganda and half truths every day. I hope that Americans and the free world will understand how much this terrorist malignancy called Hezbollah is affecting the world and needs to be dealt with. The longer it is not dealt with the stronger they grow and the weaker we become. Hezbollah is not like their brother in arms, Al Qaeda, because Hezbollah is more than simply a terror network or a loose association of terrorist cells: Hezbollah is a state-funded terrorist army with a complicated propaganda arm that spreads lies and half truths throughout the world and their prepared teams of terrorist are wide-reaching throughout the world and even here in the United State. Hezbollah is on the U.S. State Department's list of Terrorist Groups, But some news organizations and some liberal American politicians have clearly and openly defended Hezbollah as a legitimate force and valid political movement, calling them freedom fighters. In a interview with Al Manar TV,(terrorist run) a former United States Senator (James Abourezk , A democrat from South Dakota) said: "I actually marveled at the Hezbollah resistance to Israel [during the 2006 war], It was a marvel of organization, of courage and bravery. I thought it was quite something. The Lebanese army should ask Hezbollah to come and organize it, to train them, you know. And all the Arab armies should have the Hezbollah come and do that."
Now how can anybody in his position (a senator)say that. He was grossly not informed about these people or he has just fell off a turnip truck. Is this the kind of people that are elected to protect us? Heaven forbid! What was he even doing giving them a interview that they could use for their lying purposes? What kind of politicians do we have today in this country? I have said more than once and I will say it again: "The men and women at the local coffee shop could do a better job" Now that is a sad state of affairs.

Hezbollah is not only a terrorist organization but they are an armed, well trained, military force based and whose foundation and roots are in Lebanon. This rouge army is trained, equipped, backed by, and heavily financed by Iran and they are also backed by Syria. That should tell you something. Hezbollah was started as a means of increasing Iran's Islamic Revolution throughout the Middle East and then the world. Hezbollah grew during the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) into an armed force and a worldwide terrorist organization with remarkable political and media power and influence in Lebanon. Their hate for the United States and Israel goes without saying.
Hezbollah calls itself a "resistance [against Israel]" not a military origination which is nothing more than being a well armed and backed terrorist group with more lies and half truths. Hezbollah's mockery of the United Nations is a means by which it continues to exist as an armed body in disobedience of the United Nations which has called for the disarming of all militias in Lebanon. Why should they listen to the United Nations. The United Nations is a joke and as someone once said: "They are the Big Sewer on the East River. The facts are Hezbollah is neither a resistance origination or militia organization. They are a terrorist army with a growing support and an ever growing arsenal that includes military grade missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons, all kinds of weapons and explosives, even unmanned aerial vehicles for surveying the battlefield . This terrorist group is becoming very high tech and powerful. Does this ring bells with anyone?

Hezbollah also has its own group of assassins, (which their leaders will not admit to) and suicide bombers, (which they will admit to). The weapon of martyrdom is the main and fundamental weapon on which they rely on. These terrorists function and operate, without restraint, throughout much of Lebanon, beyond the authority of the legitimate army and police. Hezbollah is also number one in violence. And that violence, real and threatened, has factored a great deal into the Lebanese government failure to elect a president over the past several months. Armed to the max, Hezbollah has total control over a large part of Beirut. They are vigorously training and making preparations for a all out war right now. Their expressed goal is nothing less than the destruction of Israel, the United States, and the free world. Hezbollah's secretary general Hassan Nasrallah (a pretty piece of work) in a 2005 speech said this: "Our motto is death to America!" and that sure has not changed a bit. It is still death to America. Hezbollah also has worldwide reach, and dozens of Hezbollah cells have been discovered and exposed since 9/11 inside United States for example cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Los Angeles and other cities throughout this country. In other words these thugs are operating in our own country.

Hezbollah has learned the Importance of an continuing a disinformation campaign. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is heavily caught up in telecommunications, including control of at least one main telephone center in Beirut which international calls go through. Now tell me that is not scary. Hezbollah controls much of the media, newspapers and TV stations and they have also infiltrated newsrooms, control previously objective reporters. Hezbollah as has a means of making themselves appear legitimate: Hezbollah is at war with us and Americans need to come to realize this . Lebanon is their base or operations. As such, the country is a significant face in the war on terror. I'm not saying The United States need to invade Lebanon, but neither can we afford to put our heads in the sand and hope Hezbollah will go away. Hezbollah is perhaps the world's largest worldwide terrorist army. Hezbollah is powerful, sophisticated, committed, and growing. They are violent, deceiving us in the news reports and their trained people are already in the United States. I have only one question that I would like to ask the reader. Why are we letting such record high Muslim immigration into this country, when time and time again, we find many of the immigrants have strong ties and allegiances to Hezbollah? I do not understand that logic at all. To me that is the same thing as shooting yourself in the foot.

I think it's important that we as Americans realize just how committed these people are to coming after us and our way of life. We must be just as committed to defeating them as they are wanting to destroy us. This is no time for us to be lax in our commitment to defeat all terrorist. I think (I hope) that is still the official policy in this country. With all the problems that are facing us today within this country, it is easy to lose sight on one the most important issue facing the United States today and that is Islamic Jihadist. Hezbollah is one of the most dangerous, since they are, state funded and supported. This puts them above the distinctive terrorist cell, and puts them in place to cause worldwide trouble and confusion. Ignoring the problem, as too many politicians would like to do and by the way are doing, will not make the problem go away. In fact, leaving them alone will only enable them to plan and execute even more distressing despicable plots against this country and the free world. This country needs to have a offense posture instead of a defense one like we have under the current administration. We need to have a "GET ER DONE" mentality instead of the one that is in place in the white house now.

I hope that Americans and the free world will recognize and see how much this terrorist malignancy called Hezbollah is affecting the world and needs to be dealt with. We need strong leadership in this country from the President down to congress to deal with this every growing problem. (With the present leadership in the White House and Congress that is a joke) They do not even want the words: "War on terror even used. The hands of the CIA are tied and most Americans are living in that pre 911 sense of security which has long gone. We are living in a scary world of appeasement.


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