Saturday, May 23, 2009

The American Soldier

No research is found in this writing, just a heartfelt thought. We are not talking in this article about what is best for our country. No fighting between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, but today and this whole week end is the time to honor our soldiers and servicemen who have serviced this country to keep us free. What I say in this article comes from my heart. The American soldier is the real reason that we as Americans can debate among ourselves the issues and problems that we have in this country today. It was paid for by blood and guts, by men and women who died to make us free and give us this right. It is the American soldier that keeps us free from the ones who would destroy us, who would enslave us, and take away our very way of life. We as American citizens can never repay that soldier, we can only try. Not that they want to be repaid because really they just want to be free and be a citizen of a country that is free.

As Americans we should read and watch all the history about our soldiers, from the very beginning of our country to where we are now. We should read about some of the brave men in uniform who fought to make this country free and keep it free. Let us not forget The Alamo, Valley Forge, Bataan, The Death March, Pork Chop Hill, Pearl Harbor, Burma, Normandy, D-Day, Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, Gettysburg, Wake Island, the cold war, and all the other hell hole places that our men in uniform fought and died for. And let us not forget this latest war, the war on terrorism. This week end for me will not only be my first cook out of the year but it will be a day of remembrance for me, and my family. At the veteran's cemetery in Beulah (between Preston and Hurlock) I always see the sign that says this: "THE COST OF FREEDOM IS ALWAYS VISUALE HERE" and then you look on all the graves you see the American Flag, not the Mexican flag, nor the Italian flag, nor an Afro American flag, or any other flag just the Stars and Stripes. In their deaths these men and women fought to be a unified free people. They fought to keep us free. In that grave yard are men and women of all races, political opinions who served, died, and were buried in unity, because they all believed in the same thing. This Republic and the freedom for which it stands.

Let us not forget that soldier who is recovering in the hospital. The soldier who has permanent war injuries. The soldier who wants this country to love him as much as he loved it. Remember the soldier who is serving his country all over the world today and on the oceans of this world. This week end is a week end of remembrance and let us all remember the soldier. It is because of the soldier we have the freedoms that we do today. We should tell our children and their children, and their children's children what this day really means, lest we forget. Have a great holiday week end!

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