Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

Barrack Obama in just 100 days of being in the office of the president has moved us from a strong war footing against our enemies to a weak, sissy footing that will sooner or later crumble and fall apart. From a national defense standpoint, Barack Obama is making this country look very weak to the terrorist and to rogue countries like North Korea. The President is dead set on taking away our strong defenses and replacing it with a: "we are sorry policy". What is motive behind this? At this moment in our nation's history we do not need this kind of brainless mentality or should I call it teleprompter mentality? We have a man that is leading our country that while he was in the Illinois senate could never vote yes or no, it was most of the time present. Now he is making decisions that can make or break our country.

Forget the G.I. Joe, Johnny Get Your Gun image America used to advertize. Obama would rather have us be an apologizing wimp of a country to those who want us dead instead of being a God, guns, and guts country that has made us great. Osama and his thugs are most likely in some Pakistani cave laughing their butts off as they praise Allah and laugh until they cannot stand up at how stupid, dumb, and soft we've become in just a few short months while they plot their next "manmade disaster," (as Janet Napolitano would call it), but I call it an act of terrorism against this country by thugs, who some in our country would call freedom fighters. They are freedom fighters alright. They are fighting hard to take our freedom and very way of life from us. I'm certain that this recent transition from bold to wuss is making all the liberals feel happy as they envision in their heart that they have just climbed up a couple rungs on their liberal evolutionary ladder. Boy are they in for a big surprise.

However, no matter how great the Left feels about our transformation from a position of power and strength to being a wuss, millions of merciless and cruel Muslim terrorists and greedy dictators around this world will continue to hate and detest the United States regardless of any amount of appeasement. Some people just will never get that no matter what happens. This is the reason why we need to be strong in the face of our enemies. It is no time to be a wuss. Appeasement is never the best policy. These thugs are already planning out their next terrorist attack against us as our leader apologizes for us being arrogant and tries to appease them. A Lot of Conservative bloggers, radio talk shows, and conservative news commentators are saying that Barack Obama is putting us, as a nation, in a pre-9/11 state of mind. I think calling it a pre-9/11 state of mind is being too polite and to kind. We can forget the way this country was before 9/11. We will never be that safe again with this present administration in control of the country. From a security and safety standpoint, sooner or later Obama's policies and apologizes are going to make life in the United States, to say the least, real inconvenient, difficult and dangerous for you and me.

A lot of the liberal kool aid drinkers and Bush haters were always spouting off about the "Bush Doctrine". This was a doctrine that has kept this country safe for eight years. Now is the time for all of you non kool aid drinkers to ask what the Obama Doctrine is. The Obama Doctrine is the methodical cutting away and making weak the strengths that have kept us safe. It is the politically correct castration and cutting away of our nation's defenses and the former practices that has kept us safe as a nation. That is exactly what it is. People will see this when it is too late to stop another catastrophe like 911. No matter what you want to call it when you take away the tools and helps of the people who are protecting us you are weakening our country defenses to keep us safe. There has been a lot of that in the past 100 days of our present administration.

According to Obama everything is our fault or Bush's fault. This country will see as he makes more bows to the Saudi Kings, high fives to Hugo Chavez, sends Ahmadinejad let us talk messages, and talks with Cuba destroying everything the past seven presidents (both democrat and republican) worked for. In addition, if you listen very carefully and read between the lines, you will hear Obama's administration saying Israel is the grief in the Middle East, while giving billions of dollars to rogue nations, and saying we should get rid of our nukes, all the while blaming everything on Bush. As a independent (neither republican or democrat) I did not agree with everything Bush done but I have to say this: His policy toward keeping our country safe was on target. With the president we have now we cannot no longer say "The War on Terror" because if we do we are not politically correct. Telling the world Islam doesn't spawn terrorists, and stopping our interrogators from doing their job getting information out of the ones who want us dead and turning prisoners of war lose before the war is over is just not using your brains! What's next, Mr. President? Giving the keys to the White House to Osama!

What I have gleaned from Obama's teleprompter is this: The Obama Doctrine is, essentially, that America is arrogant; his wife thinks that this country is downright mean, everything is our fault. And to go forward, we must get rid of everything that has kept us strong, secure, and safe because, we do not want to be mean and arrogant anymore. And the liberals who read my post call me a pretty piece of work because I speak out. I might be getting up in age, but I still know and can see what is happening to this country and it is not good! Liberals just do not get it, This world is becoming more and more dangerous every day. When we have an administration such as Obama's that wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal and do away with it when we have rogue nations building these type of weapons, When it is no longer politically correct to say "war on terror" when thugs are plotting right now the down fall of this country and to kill us, tying the hands of the ones who protect us, bowing to the enemy, and I could go on. My question how is that kind of policy protecting the American Citizen.

With this administration if you are against abortion (the murder of millions of unborn babies) you are an extremist. If you voice your opinion against gay marriage you are an extremist, if you are against gun control you are a extremist, if you are a soldier returning from the war you might be a extremist, if you are not for Obama's agenda then you are a racist, if you go to one of the many tea parties around this country to support your conservative views you are a extremist. To many of the liberals who will read this: In their minds I'm a extremist. According to the English dictionary the meaning of extremist is this: radical, fanatic, activist, revolutionary, rebel, and terrorist. I'm none of these and neither are other conservatives that have no faith in the "YES WE CAN" propaganda that Obama spewed out during his campaign. If Obama continues on his program of dismantling America we might not even have a America as we know it after four years of him and his liberal congress. Now is not a time for conservatives to sit back and say nothing because the liberals will not sit back. We are losing America as we know it. Our freedoms, our way of life is, slowly but surely, being systematically being taking from us.

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