Friday, January 23, 2009

The Same Old Story Again

In Guantanamo
: there are confined some of the worst Islamic terrorist leaders in the world, who are called suspects. Five of the detain terrorist were suspected to have been mixed up in the 9/11 attacks that caused thousands of deaths in this country. Obama has ordered the shutting down of Guantanamo and all secret CIA prisons where the suspected terrorists were held and interrogated. I ask you what was the reasoning behind that decision. This is either just plain madness or sheer stupidity. I know that was some pretty tall words but it is the truth. What is the main reason for this decision we may never know? Obama's position on interrogating terrorist is, without a doubt, something to be looked at and questioned. How can he justify the closing of these detention centers? In this type of war and aggregation against our home land and the very things these terrorist believe in and are committed to, closing of these places is so unbelievable.

That has been and always will be the problem of this great nation and its leaders. This country can never be too soft on the ones that would destroy our country and enslave us. We can go back to World War 2 and see how our leaders kept our armed forces held back because they did not want to make the allies mad. What did General Patton say? He said and I quote, "That's what happens when you start being allies and stop being Americans." How true he was in that statement.

Then we can move on to the Korean War (as some call it the forgotten war). Our brave soldiers were freezing to death and dying in a war that our countries' leaders would not let them win because they did not want to cause a major incident. The government said it was a" police action". That was a joke. It was a war against communist aggression. Another Great General, Douglas MacArthur, said, "Peace without honor is no peace at all." How true that is. His soldiers asked him, "Why won't they let us win?"

Then lastly there was the Viet Nam War. This is another war our government would not let our soldiers win. We could have won that war. Our fighting men were allowed to go so far and then they had to stop. Our leaders once again did not want to cause an incident with the Russians or Chinese. Our soldiers come home without a victory and once again it was the fault of our leaders in Washington. The soldiers won every battle but the government would not let them win the war.

No country ever won a war by putting conditions on their military on how they could fight the war, but Obama is doing just that. He is putting conditions on how the CIA can interrogate prisoners. These are prisoners who are terrorist, who would blow you and themselves up in a heartbeat. How can the CIA do their job with their hands tied?

The end result of Obama's actions is this: We will end this war on terror the same way we ended the last three wars. That way is by compromising. Some would call it negotiating, but that sure is not the proper way to say it. It is compromising, and just plain giving up. The problem this time is our very freedom is at stake. We will compromise our freedom, our way of life, our religious beliefs, and for some of us even our very lives. The terrorist will not stop short of that. It really is time for all true Americans to wake up and smell the coffee because our country is being given away by people who even though they are our elected officials do not have a clue.
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