Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting To Know Obama

Turning the Search light on Obama: "Conservatives really did make a bad move during the presidential campaign. " They tried to talk about Obama's past associations. I have a few people that I associate with that I have worked with, hunted with, and so forth, that do not believe in the same conservative ideals that I do. This does not make me a person guilty of not being a true conservative, nor would it you. However there is a very big difference from having an association with somebody and being aligned with them. It is when you line yourself up with their ideals that stops you from being associated with them and puts you in the position of being an ally with them.

I have people who line up with me because of my Christian and conservative beliefs. People know where I'm coming from and what I'm about by who I ally myself with. In the same way I know where they are coming from. Why can't the people of this country see this about Obama? I keep asking myself this.

Obama could have allied himself with all sorts of other people. He did not do this. Over and over again we see him allying his self with people that were and still are haters of America and they do not mind telling you that they hate America. I'm talking about people such as William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Mr. Rezko, and Rev. Michael Pfleger. This is an alliance not just an association. Then there was Obama's wife who did not have anything good to say about her country.

People's eyes were and for the most part still are blinded. They were fascinated by the way the liberal media presented him and their captivating news cast of him. Never once did they tell about the real Obama. Now most people do not want to hear the true facts of who Obama really is because they have made up their minds he is the Messiah (Obama's True Believers) they failed to see that he ran a campaign completely opposite of what he was doing for twenty years. HERE IS THE REAL OBAMA AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR!

[1] Many Americans would consider sex education for kindergartners to be ridiculous but there is more to that issue than meets the eye. What is called "sex education," whether for kindergartners or older children, is not teaching about biology but it is brainwashing and training our children in values that go against the long-established, traditional values that children learn in their homes and in their churches. The facts speak for themselves, the earlier this instruction begins in the school system, the better its chances of overriding and doing away with traditional values. The question is not how fast children in kindergarten need to be taught about sex but how important it is for indoctrinators to get an early start in indoctrinating our kids. Our President Obama is 100% behind the sex education for our schools.

[2] In his first days in office he has over turned and did away with government funding for Pro- Life and even signed loans for foreign countries to be able promote abortion with our tax dollars. This was done ever so quietly and with hardly any news coverage at all by the major news networks. What a sad day in the Christian and conservative community.

[3] He claims that our school systems are in bad shape. What we as Americans need to realize is that the Chicago school system is one of the worst in the country. Why did he not start there, in his own district, to fix the problem? He sided with the good old boys every time.

On every major issue in this country he has promised change, but his record in the past says different. I'm afraid that we are headed in a dark direction for this country.


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