Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Blame

Who Do We Hold Responsible: During the past few years we have seen our country really go downward. As Americans we have a tendency to blame whoever is in the White house for all the wrongs and awful judgments that comes our way. President Bush has some pretty low ratings in the poles, but let me remind you so does the congress. In fact it this congress has the lowest ratings ever. Keep in mind that old saying: "It takes two, baby, me and you." Every time we see a new bill in congress there is always something attached to it that the senator or congressman wants for their state at the expense of all the other states. I believe that it is called pork. So it is with a lot of good bills in the congress, you are paying more for the pork than you are paying for the primary bill. Even though I have not been in agreement with all the things that President Bush has done we cannot put the responsibility on him for all the bad things that congress has approved and have line up with. So once again I say: "It takes two" .
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