Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Right Way or The Wrong Way

As we look and become upset with all the illegal people coming into this country of ours there are some people who are even more upset. Let me explain. My son and I were on a service call to fix an elderly lady's electric. We are both electricians by trade and have a small business of our own. She was a very elderly women in her late eighties. Her and her husband bought the house where she resided, in 1946, and have lived there ever since. While we were there she had Fox news on the TV and it was showing Mexicans sneaking across the border illegally. To my surprise this elderly women became very upset and said it is not right for them to do that. She was very upset about the people coming into this country illegally. Upon talking to her a little bit more she walked me over to a wall in her living room and then very proudly showed my son and I two certificates in beautiful wooden frames. In those frames were certificates certifying that she and her husband, who was now passed away, legally entered the United States Of America through Ellis Island. She was so proud of those certificates. She said to me, "Why can't they do the same thing?" She said, " My husband and I both had to learn the English language. We learnt the American way of life. It is not fair, she said, to all of us who came here the right way. We had to wait our turn. Why can't they wait there turn like we did. "She asked my son and I, "What is coming over this wonder country". You know that I could not answer her question, because I keep asking myself the same thing.

We still have people coming into this country the right way, but then we have over ten million illegals coming here the wrong way and what is our country doing about it. NOTHING, THAT'S WHAT. These people are flat out breaking the law and nothing is done about it. If someone is found discriminating against another person, they will go to jail in a heart beat, but not if you are a person who is here illegal. Now why is that when both laws are just as important? Is there something wrong here or am I missing something? Well in my opinion and a lot of other Americans there is something deftly wrong.

It is December 2, 2008 as I write this article. This country is now and have been for sometime in a recession that is costing people their jobs, homes, and their future, but there is still no stopping the illegals from crossing the border and coming here. The borders are still open to some degree. This government has only put a bandage on the problem and a small one at that. This is a burden that this country can not bare. We are not providing for our own people like we should, but these illegals are well provided for by this country. They are given food stamps, medical cards, most of them get free housing. they go to our schools and are instructed, most of the time in their own language. We now have to press one for English on the phone and even now it is starting to where you have to press English on the ATM machine. If someone sneaks over the border into Mexico from The United States they are locked up, most of the time, and the key threw away. Something is just not right here. If you have not noticed the problem grows worse daily.

I will agree, to their credit, that they will work for a lot less than most Americans. They can do this by five and six families living in the same house sharing everything. The food bill. electric bill, heat bill, and rental payments are split five or six ways. Even though it is illegal for them to live like that nothing is said. You let some Americans do that and they would be in court. Most of them drive with no insurance and switched tags. That is another big saving for them. There is no way the average American can compete with that. We had better wake up America or else we will be living in the new expanded Mexico. Let me say before I go on that I do not hate or dislike the Mexican people. But I do believe there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. We abide by the law, what makes them any different? Not only is our economy under a strain, so is our social security.

What are they bringing with them from Mexico when they come? Stop and think about it. We here of the gangs from Mexico, that deal in drugs and death. These gangs are now in every state. When they are caught and released on bail they go back to Mexico and come back with a new identify and start all over again. How long will this go on? We already have enough of our own drug traffic, we do not need Mexico's also.

Let me say this to those of you that say they are our brothers and sisters and they need our help. I am a Christian and I believe that we should help our fellow man. Christ told us to do that and we must. But let me say this, help them by packing them a lunch and sending them back were they came from. If they are hungry feed them. If they are sick care for them until they are better, pray for them and ask God to have mercy on them, do like the good Samaritan did, POUR IN THE OIL AND THE WINE, but send them back home and let the church in their own country do their duty. Let the Mexican government take care of them. We can not continue to go on this way. We have enough people to take care of.

Lastly, I want to pass this on to you. I heard on WCBM Radio today (December 2, 2008) that our president elect has nominated two women, (who are totally for the illegals), for cabinet positions. One women is the governor from Arizona who is for open borders and the other women, from California, is actually campaigning for parts of the United States to be returned to Mexico. We are in for some bad times. The president elect also wants to give all the illegals amnesty. This will happen because he has a Democrat Congress.

We are now about to see the most liberal Congress and president in the history of our nation. They will most certainly continue to let the illegals in. It is mainly for their votes.
Please do not get me wrong, it is not the Mexican people that I dislike. It is the ones that come into our country the wrong way that I do not like and then it is not them I do not like, because as a Christian I'm to love everybody, which I do. It is the way they come here that I have bad feelings about.The ones that come the right way are mostly good citizens.
THERE IS A RIGHT WAY AND A WRONG WAY TO DO THINGS! The wrong way will lead to the destruction of this country and the right way will add greatness to this country.
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